Home Celebrity Corner #LetsMeetYou : Meet Fabz The Young Gospel Entrepreneur @olumidefabz

#LetsMeetYou : Meet Fabz The Young Gospel Entrepreneur @olumidefabz

#LetsMeetYou : Meet Fabz The Young Gospel Entrepreneur @olumidefabz

isreal fabz

Isreal Fabz , the brain behind the fast growing Gospel Platform @Gospelxperience reveals his desire to be ranked as one of the TOP 10 Civil Engineers In Nigeria in his interview with TRUEGOSPELZONE.


Good to have you on this platform sir, Can we meet you?

I’m salami Israel olumide a.k.a fabz, a civil engineer, content curator, social media manager/online publicist, chief operating officer @Gospelxperience, Admin naiprom.com

Let’s talk about your platform, what is the idea behind it and what inspired it?

The word of God inspired it, fulfilling the final mandate of reaching out to lost souls, propagating the gospel. Since the world has become a ‘global village’, the largest way to communicate now is not only by tracts or posters but by the internet.

As someone who is out to create change in the entertainment world, what are those thing you are setting in place for that movement?

We are currently partnering and supporting every event aimed at populating the kingdom of God such as the annual praise factor concert and before the end of the first half of this year we would begin an intensive training to help churches, gospel artiste and bloggers grow their online audience.

Growing up, did you ever thought you will be driving down this path by this time of your life?


I grew up with passion for engineering, but I developed interest for the internet later in life, though i never thought of making a career with it, i’m still pursuing my engineering career.

What are the challenges you have faced building this platform?

Staying updated I would say is a major challenge, as a social media influencer. people expect me to know more thereby keeping me on my toes to keep learning and improving the brand.

Gospel Xperience… the name Xperience seem to be like to the popular Gospel end of year concert. Do you think your platform is using that name as an edge to draw traffic?

smilling actually NO, if you have experienced Christ you surely would want to propagate the gospel. We aren’t called to build walls after salvation but bridges to reach out to others and that’s what gave birth to Gospelxperience.

As a man, personally, what are your goals?

My goal is to affect lives every where I am. Living as an example to believers in all I do. To be ranked among top 10 civil engineers in Nigeria.


Connect With Fabz on Social Media as @olumidefabz


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