Home Articles #iInspiRE : Conflict Is Good – Written By Maryam Otsokwa

#iInspiRE : Conflict Is Good – Written By Maryam Otsokwa

conflict is good - 247gvibes.com

conflict is good - 247gvibes.com

Conflict Is Good – Written By Maryam Otsokwa

Conflict is good! What a stupid thing to say right? It is even an irony to think that. Conflict is like tension and goodness is like peace. Then how can anyone simply think conflict can mean peace or goodness while still appearing as chaos at the same time?

Well, guess we have to find out.

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Conflict Can Be Good – Scenario:

My husband and I are having a squabble. We have different ideas on the school we want our son, John to be enrolled to. We get into an argument, my husband accuses me of being self centered while I accuse him of being too tight-fisted.

I want John to go to the expensive school in the other neighbourhood, while he prefers John to attend another school within the neighbourhood but affordable.

The argument spirals uncontrollably leading to outpouring of bottled resentment and hurting one another. We feel sorry but, they were actually our thoughts. We laid and clarified our differences, provided right understanding about each other, hug and then settle with a good dinner and peradventure a “makeup sex”.


Back To Reality: Conflict When Managed Properly Breeds Understanding.

From the scenario above, contention help us to express everything we think about ourselves especially when we have bottled up resent, helps us to get better understanding and help us settle our differences resulting in a more intimate relationship.

“Misunderstandings beget understanding. Before you can fully understand something or someone, chances are that you would have misunderstood them almost a hundred times over”

Most people dread conflicts and misunderstandings. They would rather bottle up their feelings and emotions inside in order to avoid a decent discussion or argument with another person.

The real question is, how do you understand a person who has a different psychology, background, ideology and opinion contrary to yours? Objects with different surfaces (rough or smooth) when merged together provide friction if they must work together.

Likewise, humans with differences will have frictionsquabbles, disagreements, if they must work together. Think about it! People you know so well today, have once been a constant strife associate, they misunderstood and misinterpreted you before.

Disagreements and misunderstanding are only bad when not handle properly and when allowed to disintegrate. Conflict resolution skills is a must-have for everyone who desires to have a smooth relationship with the people around.

Everything has a form of advantages and disadvantages. Use rivalry and clashes to your advantage and work through your relationships with family, friends, loved ones and even acquaintances.

Written By Maryam Otsokwa


Source : http://AmenRadio.net

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