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We are living in the last moment of END-TIME. Anytime from now, the trumpet for the Lord’s second coming will sound. There is therefore, urgent need to fulfill the END-TIME MANDATE through vigorous and robust evangelism that will enhance more converts into the Lord’s fold. Why the urgency? Because our generation is witnessing unprecedented increase in wickedness, crime, oppression, affliction and other vices.

Unfortunately the church is not spared from these evil works of the devil. It is this generation we heard of a church leaders who contact marine spirit for devilish powers for their church to grow, to have big big cars, big houses and all the good things of life which will not last but will definitely bring regrets at the end of their lives.

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With all these happening in this age, we should know that there is need to evangelize our world urgently.

We shall be blessed with the following topics:-

  1. Priority of the mandate 2nd Timothy 4:1-2
  2. ·         The Perversion of the mandate. 1st Timothy 6:3-5, 2nd Timothy 4:3-4
  3. ·         The place of father in the mandate. Deuteronomy 6:6-9
  4. ·         The perceptive to the mandate of the end-time. 2nd Timothy 4:5


What is Priority?

It is pre-eminence, Superiority, most importance, most significance.

What is Mandate?

Command, charge, commission, order, requirement, injunctions.

Simply put, this topic means the superiority of this command over others. Yes, there are other commands in the Bible, but the most important is the one talking about soul winning. It is an authoritative command. It is a priority because it is superior in rank, position and privilege. The preaching of the gospel is a priority because the second coming of the Lord is at hand. We must prioritize the mandate as we actively participate in the decade of Multiplication activities of soul winning, church planting and Discipleship. This will fulfill the two-fold objectives of the mandate, that is, winning souls and getting them engrafted into the body of Christ.

  • We must stop millions of unsaved souls from going to hell everyday for the second coming of the Lord is very very near.
  • It is a command from the Lord and not a counsel nor a advice. Mark 16:15-20, Matthew 28:19-20, Luke 24:47-48, John 20:21, Act 1:8, 2nd Timothy 4:2, 2nd Timothy 1:3.
  • It is of utmost importance in view of the second coming judgment. 2nd Timothy 4:1
  • It means to be ready in season and out of season. 2nd Timothy 4:2. That is when it is convenient and when not convenient. We must preach at all times. We must be on duty for the Lord every time, everyday, everywhere.

By deploying all resources at our disposal for the mandate. Our time, talent and treasure. We must pray and preach. John 9:4, Mark 1:35-38, Gen. 18:22-23, Exodus 32:31, Daniel 9:3-10, Act 27:10-44, 6:4, 8:4-5, 26:30, 2nd Timothy 4:2, Luke 5:1-3, Act 4:37, Zech. 1:17.

  • There are a lot of blessings, benefits and rewards for prioritizing the mandate.
  • Few of the benefits are:-
  • Believes will be well grounded in the Lord. Act 4:32-37
  • New people shall be saved and added to the church. John 1:44-45, 4:5-26, Act 2:41.
  • It guarantees church growth and kingdom expansion. Act 20:40-41. Not that somebody one day reached to our fathers in faith like #MIKE BAMILOYE, MEDUOYE, ADEBOYE, KUMUYI, OYEDEPO, OKONKWO t.c.
  • It release the reward of Obedience. Isaiah 1:19, Job 36:11.
  • It increase joy in heaven. Luke 15:7. Joy to soul winner, joy to hearers of the gospel. Act 8:5-8.
  • It helps to meet the Lord’s expectation with commensurate reward. Matthew 25:21-23.
  • Miracles, Signs and Wonders are the result of gospel proclamation. Mark 16-20.

Sinners will go to hell but their blood will be required in our hand. Ezekiel 33:6-8. What does this mean? We shall go to hell too. Therefore we should be warned.


The mandate to preach the word remains the priority now when the Lord’s second coming is imminent or else we shall suffer a tragic end in the lake of fire. May God forbid this for us. Amen. Therefore we must arise with the gospel and go to everywhere preaching the gospel of salvation, power, healing and hope of eternal life.

Receive God’s strength in Jesus name. Amen and Amen.

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