Home Articles (ARTICLES) : Being Good isn’t good Enough – Mide Akinola

(ARTICLES) : Being Good isn’t good Enough – Mide Akinola

Few minutes ago i saw a post
‘A real Man is Seen not Heard’

Then i remembered only few days ago i was thinking
‘What’s the difference between a Good man and a Real man’

For a while i held my thoughts
Alot of images flashing through my mind
So i concluded
Atleast they have something in common ‘The Man’
All that is left is just the prefix

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And i knew instantly what i was looking for

‘The Man’ is all the difference made

Cos I realize we live in a world where our stands on what is right or wrong is on a flick
Deluded by norms and applauds that has so much contributed nothing but demands for way more
Blissed in it’s fantasies, trying to figure what way to turn
And then clouded by theories and rules that applies only in faded shadows

Yea, we try to live up to certain expectations, requirements, rational and theories
Just so we can look into the mirror every morning and feel ‘Good’ about certain things, even our lives
Only to fake it every time we are faced with reality
Reality cursed out of a previous attempt, yet failed
Only to wake up each sunrise trying all over again
A recycle system we kept for decades
And in due time we look back and dang! ‘Was is all worth it’ would be the next question.

Be Good yes!
But atleast be True about it
And that should start with yourself
Everytime you see a shadow or imagin of you
Let it reflect who you really are
The You
Being good will get you far, being real will stick longer

A kid once asked me
‘Mide why are there no good men’
Smiles..my response was
‘There are so many good men darling, we just lack the Real ones’
One who would ball himself up despite the tides, no matter what direction it takes
One that isn’t scared to be ‘insane’ in an already reversed sane world
One whose pride lies in being different no matter it’s cost
Paying the price for being tagged and alone.

I once wrote ‘We don’t have to be everything to prove anything
We just have to be Something that proves Everything.’

Written by ‘Mide Akinola.

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