Stop Having Sex with Yourself

If a sister is caught pregnant outside wedlock, it is good to take things easy with her and focus on how to restore her because there are others who are not pregnant but are doing worse things than her

When a sister is caught pregnant, the church quickly suspends her (I am not against suspension), but there are those who are aborting pregnancies regularly and those who have their way around sexual immorality that they are never pregnant. Sin is sin irrespective of the colour but many of today’s churches hardly have spiritual eyes to see such things

However, there is something very common among the so called Christian brothers and sisters who claim to be more holy than others. I write as a result of what I have seen personally

There are young men and women who have sex with themselves in what is called masturbation. Many actually think having sex with themselves is not a sin or is less a sin than having sex with another person either of the same sex or of the opposite sex. Masturbation is as serious a sin as any kind of sin

It is totally wrong for anyone either male or female to fondle his or her sexual organs. Using candles, cucumber or vibrators to incite your private part or fondling your breasts are totally wrong. A brother shouldn’t be washing his genital in order to arouse it. It is wrong

God created humans male and female in a way that sexuality is only expressed between two people of the opposite sex. Therefore, anyone who masturbates is turning against the order of nature. It is like having sex with an animal. It is going against the order God sets out for humanity

Many sisters who claim to be waiting on God for their spouses secretly do these things and cannot deny the fact that they are struggling with masturbation. Although people around them see them as saints who don’t have boyfriends and are devoted to God. These people are going through the back door just to calm their sexual nerves

Masturbation is a yoke, it’s a serious yoke, so, anyone who is suffering from it needs deliverance. A major cause of masturbation is pornography. When you’re exposed to sex in movies, on the internet, books and magazines, that’s how the demon of masturbation creeps in

Masturbation is a demon and a lot of believers are secretly being oppressed by it. Unfortunately, they are too ashamed to open up. If you are a victim, you need help. Open up to somebody who can help you

God bless you

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