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When Pastor E.A Adeboye bought a private jet for missions recently, an aggrieved journalist lambasted him in the papers, claiming that Baba was proud and selfish.

However, he accidentally met Baba a few days later and was overwhelmed by his humility and meekness. He went back and apologized in the papers

I have discovered that many people who are said to he proud are not really proud but people just make their judgement from distance out of jealousy. Often, if you meet such people personally you discover that they are good people.

If you’re pretty or dress well, anytime you fail to greet a friend or neighbour probably because you didn’t see him/her, the next thing they would say is that he/she is proud because of his/her beauty

If you hold a high office at work and couldn’t find time to mix with colleagues, they’d say he’s proud because of his post.

A Secondary school mate who is a drunkard once accused me of being proud because I had become a university graduate. I asked why, and he said because I didn’t sit with them while they drink and chat.

If you buy a new car, some friends, colleagues and family will intentionally avoid seeing you but surprisingly say you now avoid them because you drive a new car

If an anointed young man/woman says God is calling him/her to start a ministry, you’d hear people who are mediocre Christians saying he’s proud because he has a gift and doesn’t want to submit to elders

If a woman who has a good marriage talks confidently and with excitement they would say she’s proud and boastful of her marriage.

Some people even look at you from afar and conclude from the way you walk or talk or smile that you’re proud. I think the reverse is the case, often, those who accuse others of being proud and boastful are just being jealous because they are not comfortable with their successes.

Don’t judge people by what you hear about them. Don’t just assume that someone is proud because he’s successful. Even if he’s proud, let God be the judge. I never really knew this until it happened to me.

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