Home Devotional Your Elevation Today Devotional : Supernatural Frequency – Godman Akinlabi

Your Elevation Today Devotional : Supernatural Frequency – Godman Akinlabi

Your Elevation Today Devotional With Pastor Godman Akinlabi   ⠀

Your Elevation Today 10th February 2020 Devotional With Pastor Godman Akinlabi

Topic : Supernatural Frequency

Bible Reading : ‘Therefore Sarah laughed undsn herself SaYlng ‘After , grown old she I have OloaSurerny lord being oid also?” – Genesis ISMS (61.V)

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Changes in air pressure, air stream or temperature can lead to turbulence on planes. These invisible or unseen changes result in real. physical impact to the plane and its passenger, Ignor-ing these signals could lead to a bumpy ride or an unexpected and unpleasant surprise.

Change signals in life aren’t always physical like getting marriod or getting a new job. There may be no visual indication that change is coming: change signals can be supernatural and difficult to perceive if you are not sensitive.

Because pilots cannot see turbulence they rely on weather radars that sense the temperature of the air and they stay alert around paths notorious for rough weathex In the same way you must remain spiritually alert so that you pick up on divine signals.

Sarah and Abraham were a long-married couple who received an auspicious moment in very different ways. Abra-ham insisted on hosting the visitors, while Sarah laughed at their message.

You cannot depend on others for your spiritual sensitivity. Build up your alertness by spending time in the spirit realm praying and meditating. Quiet your world from distractions and be mindful of auspicious moments.


Confession: My spirit is sensitive and alert to crucial moments. I will not miss the visitation of God.

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