Anything or anyone great, most likely started small. “Do not Despise these small beginnings” the Bible says.Zach 4:10.

In fact be weary of big and grand things that cannot be traced down to their early and little beginnings. This is a major principle of life. This is so because the strength needed to withstand pressure and stand in the face and days of adversity is built in the process of growth.

Be not ashamed of where you are now, but certainly be hopeful of where you are going. Those who despise your little beginnings have no right to your glorious future.

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Earlier in the day, It just dawned on me where God has brought me from. And my heart was filled with gratitude. It would have taken those with strong foresight and hindsight to see me now from where I was. 

However, one thing you mustn’t do is to STOP DREAMING! You can’t afford to stop seeing where God is taking you to. Please don’t allow your present little condition or state of affairs tell you otherwise. Where you are going is much bigger and better than where you are now. 

And as you keep dreaming and seeing, keep working. Don’t stop. Press on, and I tell you, you’d look back, days, weeks, months, and years from now, and you can’t believe what you see.

Keep growing !!!!

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