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[Testimony]: How God Saved Me From The Fear Of Death With Yadah’s Song Beyond Me – Ubi Franklin

How God Saved Me From The Fear Of Death With Yadah’s Song Beyond Me – Ubi Franklin

How God Saved Me From The Fear Of Death With Yadah’s Song Beyond Me – Ubi Franklin

Nigerian music artist manager, politician, Entrepreneur, TV show host and the founder of record label Made Men Music Group Ubi Ekapong Ofem well known as Ubi Franklin has on the 12th of July 2021 shared a testimony on how God saved him from the fear of death after loosing his twin brother at a very young age.

He shared the testimony after attending FEARLESS a yearly music concert organized by Tim Godfrey & Rox Nation.

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He made it known that every bit of the event was enjoyed by him but not as much as the after party where they all gathered to pray, praise and worship. It was at this after party that he heard Yadah sing the song Beyond Me which caused the fear in him to cease.

In his testimony, he revealed that in 2020 during the wake of the Corona virus pandemic the fear in him was heightened as he was hearing and known of people who test negative today and positive tomorrow so he was terribly scared his negative may turn positive.

Aside the COVID-19 pandemic, the stigma of loosing his twin brother to death, friends dying around him were also contributing to the fear in him. He recalled a moment he dropped off a friend when he was in the states but didn’t hear from him in weeks only for him to find out that the friend has been hospitalized for weeks.

Getting to know about the death of Sound Sultan who was his very closed friend became much more scary. He made mention of his birthday where you could practically see the weakness and weariness on him despite being his birthday, he revealed the fear of death, unknown, what may happen next was what kept him gloomy.

In the testimony he also revealed he and a lot of others don’t take God for granted as social media users have seen them as those who don’t have a relationship with God. He however made it known that outside social media, there are days they shut off themselves to look unto God. He also revealed his best song to be the popular Hymn “In Christ Alone” which he also sang on the live session.

All the spirit of fear left me immediately I heard you sing the song BEYOND ME at the after party and immediately I got home, I called my cousins I want to lay hands on them which was surprising to them because I was usually afraid of everyone that I distant myself from them.

At the end of the live session, he urged everyone to get the song and listen carefully as it would be a huge blessing to them and also reminded them of her concert “Yadah Live In Concert” coming up on the 8th of August at Abuja.

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