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News: Minister Isabella Melodies and husband, Pastor Ogo Uzodike celebrates 23rd wedding anniversary @isabellamelodie

isabella melody celebrates 25th years of marraige

Gospel minister Isabella Melodies and her husband, Pastor Ogo Uzodike celebrate 23 years of marital bliss with their four children on Sunday 07 January 2018.

The couple who met and started dating as teenagers in 1988 whilst in University of Nigeria, have been together for thirty years.

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They are blessed with four children, two girls named She (22) and Stephanie (20), and two boys named Shane (16) and Shemaiah (14)

Read below her interview with Gospelxperience earlier today

I had heard a lot about him before I actually met him in 1987. He was this tall, dark and handsome Uni basketball “local champion” who was reputed to be a playboy and party freak. And he had a string of girlfriends!

To be honest, I did admire him for being popular (or should I say notorious) and respected in Uni but I wasn’t attracted to him because I knew his serious girlfriend plus a string of his side chicks 🙄

In 1988, I ran into him during the holidays and we started talking. Our friendship grew deeper then but it was a platonic relationship. Somewhere along the line we started sharing more about our respective relationships and how they weren’t really working. I was thrilled when he asked me to be his girlfriend but there was a problem! He had multiple babes and I wasn’t going to become one of them. It was either I was THE ONE or nothing. When I told him this, he tried all the tricks in the book to convince me but I stuck to my guns 💪🏾 He eventually ended his relationships one by one shortly after school resumed (but no be me cause am oh!). From there on, we became best friends and our relationship was upgraded a few months later!

We both graduated one year apart. He did his NYSC in Kano and I did mine in Kaduna. I then left for the UK for about a year after youth service while he stayed back. Upon my return to Nigeria, we did a low key traditional rites in 1993 because we could not afford an elaborate wine carrying ceremony, not to talk of a white wedding.

We eventually got married on 07 January 1995.

Twenty three years and four kids later, here we are today giving God the glory for His grace and mercy. The rest is history…


Having heard the story from isabella melodies, Pastor Ogo Uzodike  took to instagram also to share His side of the story.

I can’t recall the very first time I met my wife but I remember the day she caught my attention. It was in 1988 whilst Uni was out of session. I had stayed back to complete some outstanding work after the term closed so I wasn’t expecting to see anyone I knew. That day, I was walking down the street when I saw this gorgeous damsel driving in the opposite direction (she was driving her mum’s car). Once I realised she was a familiar face, I waved her down and we exchanged pleasantries with a brief chat. We then agreed to meet up later for a drink and that’s how our friendship started.

As we got closer, the qualities that struck me most about her, apart from her physical looks, were her high level of intelligence, wisdom, generosity, heart of compassion, passion, loyalty and sense of humour, amongst other qualities.

At some point, I realised I had fallen in love with her so I asked her out formally. In response, my wife told me that although she liked me, she couldn’t date me because I was in multiple relationships. I tried everything to convince her but she insisted that I needed to clean out my closet first. Well I did, and she agreed to become my girlfriend.

In late 1988, I took her to an eatery on campus called Touch Of Class (TOC) and after dinner, I asked her to give me her left hand. When she did, I slipped a small gold ring which I had managed to hustle up on her small pinky finger and told her in no uncertain terms that I was going to marry her.

That was 30 years ago. I kept my word and married her seven years later on 07 January 1995. Cheers to 23 years down and forever to go.




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