It’s that season of the year! Christmas is a special season to celebrate the birth of Christ Jesus and the reason he was born.

Peejay Paul- the Inspirational and sensational Gospel Artist is back with another upbeat pop and highly infectious Christmas song and video infused with contemporary feel. The song titled “Spread the Christmas Light” will get you dancing all day! We love Christmas.

If you love this beautiful song, then Thrill your Callers with this great tone, this xmas season :
For MTN : Text 0020387 to 4100
For AIRTEL: Text BUY 487244 to 791
For AIRTEL : Text Spread the Christmas light to 792 and then text 1 to 792
For ETISALAT : Text 823242 to 251OR To Register Text RBTON to 251

The words of this song are simple yet so powerful and he says “Spread the joy, shine the light… let the world know Jesus lives…” -Peejay Paul

The song “Spread the Christmas Light” was produced by Kelly Lyon & the video doctored by the prestigious Carel Films.

We love Christmas! Get ready to Dance and rejoice in Thanksgiving to God as you celebrate this season.




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