Still in the mood of thanking God for what He has done for you and I from January to December, here’s Praise you now by @Jaymikee.

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About JayMikee
Jaymikee is a music producer and a graphic artist. He is the director of the Mount Zion music studios. As a graduate of Bowen University His music ministry began at the age of 14 as a background music
and sound effects producer for Mount Zion Films. His singing ministry however started early 2010 but his first album-living sacrifice-wasn’t released until 2013 which was a compilation of 13 songs produced over the years.

Baba eh
baba wey dey for heaven now
Eh we go praise you now
Eh, we go praise you baba
Verse 1
There are many many people with this character
Praying to God only when they enter wahala
kasala (Kasala)
They want Him to say my child what is the matter
(What is the matter)
They forget all the fine fine things that He has done
And begin to dictate all the things that He should be doing
You better change your style
If you wanna go extra mile
But still in d mood of prayer
Put in your dancing shoes and say
Verse 2
I need to ask what is the problem that you are going tru?
Making you feel so sad and also making you feel so blue
Thinking of questions like what are we going to or
(How are we going to do it)
(There is God o!)
You seem to underestimate the power of praises
It can move mountains it can even part the red sea
Its amaizing (Its amazing)
so amazing (So amazing)
And it is easy, jump on your feet
And put all of your hands in the air and say…
Ijo Ope mi mare o
(Arugbo Ojo o, eyin lasheda ameda aweda o
arugbo Ojo o)
Imela X8

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