Dr. Paul and Soul Solace returns with NARA EKELE
and ADONAI, Nara Ekele a

powerful praise hip hop, whose rap lines explode

with lyrical dexterity.

Nara Ekele lives up to the bill. Radio DJs in Abuja

and beyond are jamming Nara Ekele frequently because it is groovy, modern

and fuses the

contemporary and the traditional. On the other

hand, ADONAI, the reigning

worship song showcases Dr. Paul in another light

as a powerful voice, with Soul Solace fusing together to provide a powerful

mix of voices that lift

you to the presence. Both songs are produced by

the legendary NIYI P, who

is one of the best in the profession in Africa. Dr. Paul

and Soul Solace are redefining gospel music in Nigeria and beyond.

Adonai Here

Nara Ekele

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