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#Article : Invicible – Mide



“We’re our own truth, no matter how lost we are in knowing what that really is”. O’Jerry wordsmith

Sometimes the waters won’t always be calm

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And that doesn’t make the waves the enemy

Few tides and storms makes the ocean what it is

If only we realize that’s why we were not created with fins


We often find ourselves in the delusion of a live we thought we should live

Or the repeated scenarios of how we ought to live played in our heads

And each sunrise becomes an automated classic flops of our true existence

That we forget what we once dreamed differently

Lost in the interpretation of trying to find who we are

That we become invincible, even to ourselves


The average worth of Self esteem is now sold on the black market for less than nothing

Leaving Integrity top of the list of things going into extinction

We belong to a generation known for everything with a touch of a button other than it’s value

And we wonder why our ‘fathers’ dont take us serious


How can we be heard when we can’t even see ourselves

We pretend to be sane, but our insanity is displayed even before we speak

No wonder nobody wants to listen

You don’t have to always win you know

Especially when you don’t know why you’re fighting in the first place

Yes we want a lot of things

But then again, what happens after you did

I lost a friend few days ago

and that kept me thinking, if he had an idea he wont be staying too long, would he have done things differently?

And he breaks my heart cause he wont have the luxury to think differently


Isn’t it time to really be You?

You can’t be that bad, believe me, You can’t be.


Written by Akinola¬†‘Mide.









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