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A good gospel music carries with it an amazing anointing that casts out demons; sometimes violently like you see when deliverance is being ministered to people.

Since many sicknesses and diseases, heartbreak and failures are caused by these evil spirits, healing and transformation automatically take place when good music is sung or played

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The scripture tells us in 1 Samuel 16:23: “And it came to pass, when the evil spirit from God was upon Saul, that David took an harp, and played with his hand: so Saul was refreshed, and was well, and the evil spirit departed from him.”

Although I was amazed the first time I sang and saw people fall under the anointing, I knew it’s something that should happen very often in our services if we are spiritually minded because I remember having fasted for 21days before that ministration.

The music must be the right one, also are the tune and rhythm. The truth is that there’s always a particular song the Holy Spirit wants to move through at every particular time. If you sing the wrong song or play the wrong tune, He won’t move.

Therefore, it takes the singer or choir being in tune with the Holy Spirit to say “Yes! I got that!” the moment the Holy Spirit drops the ideal song.

In an ideal spiritually minded choir, there are times the Holy Spirit would change the song you rehearsed just a few minutes before ministration.

The Holy Spirit is dynamic; He’s not predictable. If He changes the preacher’s sermon, why not the choir’s “sermon?”

Even more important is the vessel that’s singing the song; it has to be pure and filled with fire. That’s when the Holy Ghost moves strongly

One thing I do a lot when deliverance sessions become very tough and the demon is saying “No! I am not going out! is that I just abandon the fellow and begin to worship God especially with songs that have Jesus, blood of Jesus or Holy Ghost in them. Before you know it, the demon has begun to scream.

I remember telling my choir: “the Holy Spirit may not move powerfully every time we sing but if that happens for a whole month or worse still, a whole year, then, the pastor should sack us all because our ministrations have failed to yield results.”

Although nobody seemed to care about results. “It’s praise and worship time, do it in 10mins and lets move to the next program.”

Evil spirits fear gospel music so much they can’t stand it but we make it look too ordinary by the way we handle it. Most of the songs weren’t composed under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Most times, choristers and singers don’t pray nor fast nor live holy lives; they walk into the church laughing and chewing gums.

For some churches, they don’t even know what music means in the heart of God or to the kingdom of darkness; so, they won’t invest money in musical instruments, hire instrumentalists or even train the choir. No wonder nothing happens when they sing; because the Holy Spirit moves better through good music than some discord and cracking microphones.

Upgrade your church music and listen to good music at home; demons will be in serious trouble.

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