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#Interview : Exclussive Interview with “The Journey Of Ami On The Album ‘IDENTITY’ | @PROVABS


One of our team members got into conversation with gospel rapper and MC Provabs who goes by the new name Ami. He shared with us interesting details on the new journey he has taken on, how the name inspires his new sound, the gurus he worked with on the album, impact of his new wife and so much more. Join us on this interesting journey…Let’s Go!!!


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The name Ami…what differentiates it from Provabs?

Ami means The sign that would cos people to wonder. Provabs means truth. God is not only using me to speak His truth,He is going further to make me a living result a proof the He God exists. Hmmmm So the name Provabs remain while Ami is birthed and make impact
It’s about time God is moving me to another phase of my life. I’m curious to see the adventure unfold. I am fully Ami now. The Sign. Provabs would leave eventually.its there for those who don’t know the name has changed yet.


Ok, good to know, is this album different from the kind of sound we’ve known from provabs?


As the name has changed, the sound has changed. There is growth, maturity, clearer Revelation and experience involved. I guess you would find out when you get the album.


who are the people you worked with in this album and the reason why you chose them?


Hmm. Producers or artist?


Hmmmm both, we are quite familiar with the sync between you and Izzy beatz, but we know this extends more. So, who are the artistes and the producers


Producers are already on my IG page @provabs. Posted that the day before yesterday. They are much. Can’t address everyone here. For the features. We have alot .The album features top artistes from Okeysokay to Protek, IBK Spaceshipboi, Nolly, MI Abaga, Pita, Mike Abdul, Praiz Laurel says and more. Producers on the album includes LC Beatz, Plice, Kinsu of CIA clique, L37, SMJ, Limoblaze, Timothy King amongst others. At each point as I documented my experience,God brought them in to bring it to life.



How long did it take you to complete this album? and what was the impact of your marriage on the album? 

identity - Proverbs/ami


Lool. OK this is a funny question…


Album has been a two years Journey. And yes, love has a way of affecting how you see life. My wife has been a huge supporter, encourager, inspiration and greatest critic of my work. That has rubbed off on the album. I’m blessed to have her.


Hmmmmm! lovely. Why do you title the album Identity?


IDENTITY because God wants someone out there to know that He/she is not defined by their past, failures, sins, guilts or way of life. What people say of feel about you don’t make you. What God feels about you is what makes you. It’s making everyone out there aware that God’s thoughts are what we should mirror through our lives to cause a mind change and a life change. Every life counts. You not useless like they said you are.

IDENTITY is to change the way people see themselves. So, they begin to see themselves as God does


Interesting, so what did you think of people’s backlash criticizing you working with secular artiste M.I on the song ‘Heaven Knows’


Smiles. I think whatever you do. People would talk. All you need do is be true to your calling and your God. Gospel is your way of life not your sunday Service. So I’m cool with it.


what are your expectations on this album?


Hmm. I pray that God be heard,lives be touched,minds be renewed and emotions and identities be healed and corrected. That is my heart desire. Someone out there needs to hear this. I wasn’t recorded to be put in my closet. If just that one person is healed. I am fine. But I have asked God to surpass my expectations.



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