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Do Nigerian Youths Really Have A Tomorrow? By Tijani Sheriffdeen

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In the country that we have today, nothing seems to amaze and bewilder critical thinking minds, except the fact that the hope of this nation getting it all right once again is as gloomy as gloomy itself. One begins to wonder if saying Nigeria wouldn’t get better isn’t an understatement. A whole lot has happened to Nigeria, were she to be a being, she must have committed suicide!

Some two years back, Nigerians had their nerves so sensitive that they responded even to things that haven’t happened. Things were so bad that 1 dollar wasn’t equivalent to our second biggest domination, and yet people were complaining of being led by a heartless leader, who wasn’t about the masses at all. Do I blame the masses for standing against the administration that was beautifully adorned in corruption, that stealing wasn’t a crime? Maybe this administration led us to where we are today, and today we all are battling not to lose breath, as only our heads are afloat.

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The last general election is one historic event coming generations would search ends to ends to learn about. A time when the literate and illiterate were concerned about who they want to lead them, Nigerians who overtime have demonstrated lackadaisical and spiritless attitudes when it comes to elections were seen with pens and big sheets of paper scribbling down election results of different constituencies and states. It was evident and crystal clear Nigerians wanted change!

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Now, Nigeria has got the change she wants, but things aren’t looking better, even when the administration that was kicked out isn’t a better option. What is wrong with Nigeria or better still where is the real Nigeria? It would interest you to know that something remained constant even when it is evident changes took effect in our dearest country. The youths we had in the administration that had all eyes on it and the one that has enough wailers now remain the same. Arguably there has been little or no change in the attitude of Nigeria youths towards the development of our country Nigeria. The little change is even negative, what are we then saying?


I’m not seeing the type of youths that can hold leadership offices brilliantly and accountably well in the many young heads we have in Nigeria. Maybe those who are supposed to be good examples have failed in this regard. Just last week, an incident happened in the University of Ilorin which didn’t only see my mouth drop wide open but saw me begging for help to shut my buccal cavity, to at least save myself from scenes of spitting out flies. The student leaders in one of the many faculties of the Better By Far institution recorded a brilliant history, thanks to the enviable and much to be desired examples legislative houses in Nigeria have shown. The legislative sitting of a faculty saw the mace of the house disappear in no second. It was reported by the Union of Campus Journalists that the electric bulb of the lecture theatre where the plenary session was going on was switched off by an unknown fellow; to the surprise of everybody, the mace was nowhere to be found when power was restored. You can’t imagine this happening! If at this level things like this can happen, then we have more than enough Honourables who would be jumping gates too growing up somewhere.


It’s so pathetic the youths of this nation are one of the many problems of Nigeria. And who would be safe handling the gavel and mace of the legislative house of a state or country to people who can steal away mace in the twinkle of an eye? And we advocate “NotTooYoungToRun”! There are also enough youths who are just so dexterous in the aspect of destabilising the progress of places they find theirselves, is this the same thing youths in countries like Dubai, Great Britain, France, Colombia, Turkey among others do? Of course not, more reason why they are at the helm of affairs in their respective countries. Very funny how you see a youth in Nigeria involve in activities that would bring about brilliant turn arounds for the masses, just to see his or her person being brought to the mud. One way we have continued to help progress in our society.


It looks like the coiner of the sage “youths are the leaders of tomorrow” knew youths of Nigeria can’t ever be ready for today. Now the question is, when would youths be good enough to see the tomorrow when they would be leaders?

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