Home Devotional Devotional : It’s a delay not a denial ~ 29/01/18

Devotional : It’s a delay not a denial ~ 29/01/18

It’s a delay not a denial 

The Impotent man answered him,Sir,I have no man,when the water is troubled,to put me into the Pool: but while I am coming,another steppeth down before me”.(John 5 vs 7).

He was not the first to be healed here. Several other people received their healing from(at) the Pool ahead of him. Several others got healed and moved on with their lives while he remained at the Pool. In fact, he got healed after thirty eight years of waiting.

Notice however that among the people who got healed at Bethesda,it was only this man that had a different story. It was only this man that his story was documented in Scriptures for generations unborn. Every healing at the Pool happened after an angel visited;but for this man,it was not just an angel;it was Jesus,It was God himself. you may not have gotten your miracles when others got theirs, be certain of one thing, when yours shows up, it shall be the talk of the town. God himself made it happened

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At times we need to understand that the womb that ll bear a Samuel or a john the baptist may have some delays and delay does not mean denial. Your test will make u become a testimony, your mess will turn you into a message.

Let us pray.

Heavenly father, I surrender to your will and your timing. Have your way in this issue of my life and let your eternal will be done in my life, biz, marriage, finances, health etc in Jesus mighty name.

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