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Article : Character Written By Olamide Babatunde

character by omaboneara


It is a beautiful day and we trust you are having a blessed week already. This week we have decided to bring something different from the series of articles you have been reading from us. This week we shall be writing on the topic CHARACTER by an indigenous writer OMABONEARA.


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Character is said to be the quality and features that makes a person, a group of people or places different from others. Character as defined by webster is an attribute or features that make up and distinguish an individual or a set of individual.

Each animal has a different character / quality. You will agree with me that the character of a Dog is quite different from that of a lion likewise, the traits of a goat is different from that  of a sheep.

‘’Show me a person that has a good attitude, and I will tell you that such has a good Character’’

A person with a good character finds grace and favor from all. A man with a good character doesn’t command respect but he is naturally respected by all, both young and old.   Funke Adejumo said and I quote

      “The Greatest need of a man is not sex but  Respect.”

Note :  A woman without respect has no good character,  likewise a man with no good character doesn’t deserve respect. Charisma without character is caricature, You having charisma to impress and attract others without a good character is nothing.


In life, character carries more than 77% which is more than a pass mark. Let us always put up a good character in all ramifications also towards the works of God. This helps us in achieving our set goals in life and find grace from God and Men.



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