Friday , 18 January 2019


(Fashion) : Trendy But Not Exposed?

It is not surprising that quite a number of Ladies are constantly stuck in a dilemma of wanting to look gorgeous without exposing sensitive parts of their body. All in the name of ‘going with the trend‘ so many ladies believe that exposing theses parts makes them attractive. Some of these sensitive parts include the upper chest, lower. Now the …

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“For your Sunday look, the ball is in your court and as usual you could choose to kick it or choose to ignore it, our only mission is to provide you with the ball which is a metaphor for inspiration in this context”. Sundays are like rain, it is really hard to ignore most especially because it is a day …

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Glowreeyah Braimah Is Radiant On The Cover Of Imbue Magazine Love Edition

Gospel diva Glowreeyah Braimah is stunning on the cover of  Imbue Magazine Love Edition. She also had an exclusive interview where she talked about the Gospel being directly proportional to the development of the society. “Our Gospel must translate to lives being changed. It must translate to having better roads, basic amenities and infrastructural development,” she opines. The edition also feature versatile artiste and music …

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Can T-Shirts Be Stylish? 7 Tricks In Making Them Look Extra Stylish

Ever heard a guy say this? “Yeah, I’m not stylish – I’m just a T-shirt and jeans type of guy”. Great! I love t-shirts. They’re a classic piece for a man’s wardrobe. But you can still wear T-shirts AND be incredibly stylish. The mantra that one is unstylish simply because they don’t wear a suit & tie every day is …

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Ways Men Can Wear White Jeans Without Looking Weird

Ways Men Can Wear White Jeans Without Looking funny

    I don’t know which is more fashion risky for men, wearing bootcut jeans or wearing fashion jeans. In case you didn’t know., white jeans are one of the year’s trendiest items. Of course, they require the utmost care when wearing them so if you’re prone to spilling drinks or food then staying away might be a good idea. …

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5 Accessories That Make Guys More Attractive

Accessories are what makes you stand out from the other random guy. He could be wearing outfits that are more expensive than yours and even more stylish but what you accessorize with can make you stand out and make you seem more poise and yet fashionable . Check out these 5 outstanding accessories 1. Suspenders (aka braces) 2. Bow tie …

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Suit Tips: Folding A Pocket Square With Class

The finishing touch every man needs in his suit (be it corporate or a casual suit) is a pocket square. Pocket squares comes in different types and designs and some are even bogus in their sizes but it add a touch of class and poiseness to ones suit. If you have a pocket square and you don’t know how to …

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#News : Trinity Anderson Launches Fashion Company | @mixtrinity


The voice behind the song Spirit Break Out, Miss Trinity Anderson has added the fashion line to her business. The singer who just turned 25 shared the new development on her blog   I am SO excited to share that I am FINALLY officially launching a vision that the Lord gave me more than two years ago! I have always …

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