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#Article : Learn From David – Bukky Praiz.

David, King David. He was a man after God’s heart. Hmmmm… There are so many virtues to pick up from this beautiful and great personality. I have been doing a study on the life of David and it’s been so refreshing, so revealing and I am so blessed by it. I want to share just 2 things about this wonderful …

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#Article : The Unknown Power of Dreams Part 1 – Williams Thomas

The Unknown Power of Dreams Part 2

The Unknown Power of Dreams Part 1 God is Sending You a Message Through that Dream God would not tell you something except it’s very important. But how unfortunate it is when God is speaking to you and you don’t know it? Yet, only a very few are aware that their dreams are video clips from God through which He’s …

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SOME STRONG MEAT FOR THE MUSIC MINISTERS (2) – NATHANIEL BASSEY The way and time you launch out will determine how long you last. If you are in a hurry to launch out, you will also fizzle out in a hurry. And talking about encouragement, this is how I was encouraged. I was taught the word, and encouraged by my …

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                                     SOME STRONG MEAT FOR THE MUSIC MINISTRY – NATHANIEL BASSEY Church leaders are very pivotal to young men and women achieving their full potentials in Christ. I say this because I am a product of this. Most of you have read my …

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#Articles : 3 Things You Should Not Expect From People


3 THINGS YOU SHOULDN’T EXPECT FROM PEOPLE There are 3 basic things man shouldn’t expect from people except he / she wants to be dissapointed. 1) HELP Some people are nursing serious grudges because they feel offended that someone who has what it takes to support and help them isn’t doing it Your mum could refuse to show up at …

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  MUST A CHRISTIAN FAST? (An Instructive Series on Christian Fast) There was a case of a prophet who died after almost 40days of fasting without food. Also, a young lady who went through 21 days of dry fasting. She menstruated during that period, took some drugs for menstrual pains, started bleeding and died eventually When someone dies or gets …

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#Article : “Mark Zuckerberg Inspires me” Obe-Ola Cries out 

   Be Inspired….. From the Mark Zuckerberg’s “Hackathon” initiative (of which I am a fan since couple of months back) where you have different young talented individuals all from around the world, lending their ideas to Facebook development team, way back in California to the very visits of Mark to the Sub Saharan Africa, everything really, is mind blowing. I …

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#Article : How Nigerian artistes can go viral with their songs

   HOW TO GO VIRAL WITH YOUR SONG  Music is huge in Nigeria and while there are celebrities already dominating the industry, there are quite a number of them still struggling to be heard and seen. No doubt, for every musician – popular or not, the dream of making every single a major hit is of a recurring nature.  But, …

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#Article : First thing to know when responding to a job advert @yblnigeria

   It’s quite surprising to see young graduates overly conscious of money rather than the knowledge to be gained and the advantage such would add to their Curriculum vitae. We talked to few young graduates on the first thing that comes to their mind before responding to a job advert and here is what they have to say: According to …

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#Article : The Church choir, A breeding ground  for worldly musician . Why? 

   THE CHURCH CHOIR, A BREEDING GROUND FOR CORRUPT MUSICIANS The church choir has become a training ground for potential worldly musicians whom satan use to corrupt the world with their music. Many are falling out through Project Fame and other platforms. Once you win such competitions, you’re linked with worldly superstars and there’s no going back The scripture says …

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< p dir=”ltr”>THE DISCOVERY Yeah! THE DISCOVERY Everything seen in our world today is a product of DISCOVERY. Nothing just happened or evolved on its own except it was first discovered by some groups or some people somewhere. < p dir=”ltr”>Life and all her treasures was founded on DISCOVERY, and the factory for discovery is the MIND.Every great inventions we …

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#Article : Why Christianity is Boring @swilotconcepts 

   Why Christianity is Boring No brother wants to marry a devoted sister. They believe they aren’t fashionable and are not romantic. No or not enough make-up, long and wide skirts, little or no attachments etc The average believer doesn’t want to be an S.U! Ask the average sister in church and she’d tell you she doesn’t want to marry …

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#Article : ME, AN IDOL WORSHIPPER? Never 

   ME, AN IDOL WORSHIPPER? I wondered why I was in the queue of accused at all. I am intelligent, aggressive, young, totally committed to my God. What am I doing here with this sheet of supposed sins in my hand I wondered? I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t fornicate, I don’t steal, I am righteous. Others should …

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#Article : Every Body Has A Switch Button @swillotconcepts 

   EVERYBODY HAS A SWITCH BUTTON What would you call someone who in an attempt to switch on a phone smashes it on the ground or beats it with a stick when he should have simply pressed the switch button? An idiot or a Bush Man? Do you know that this is what many us do? We want to force …

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#Article : Remix or Merix  ‘The need to sing rightly not blindly’ 

   Remix or Merix: The need to sing rightly not blindly.  My post today is born out of my recent discoveries of some quite popular songs, (songs that i have known since i could count 123 or recite ABC) that have turned out to be just so wrong from what the composer wrote and sang (interesting i must add but …

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