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the experience

The epoch-making, groundbreaking and trailblazing Nigerian worship concert is around the corner, once again. Enthusiasm is high, Excitement is in the air, the clouds have gathered, and the season is just upon us. The event which debuted in 2006 has fast risen to become one of the best things to happen to worship concerts in Nigeria. The countdown has begun, …

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I get challenged about my personal and leadership idols every year when I read through the middle part of the book of Isaiah. Chapter 44, for example, is all about the futility of worshipping idols, which in those days were mostly wood or stone carvings. So what’s an idol today? You don’t need wood or stone to create one. An idol …

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Steps To Maximizing Your Potential By Adedeji Oshigbesan Knowledge is power, hence the ability to maximizing your potential would be hinged on the information you are able to accumulate and apply in practical life situations. “You are your Potential, External demands don’t define you!” This phrase has no intention of raising ambiguity, so we will make it as simple as possible. You …

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Daniel and his three friends are some of my favorite Bible characters. They modeled what it means to live a life of integrity. Several years ago James Patterson and Peter Kim authored the book The Day America Told the Truth. They conducted a survey by asking Americans what they would be willing to do for 10 million dollars and were shocked at their …

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The concept that most people have with respect to leading worship is that they think their job is to bring people into God’s presence. That sounds spiritual. But here’s the question; what if the people you’re leading don’t want to go anywhere? What are you going to do? Also think of how many times you’ve unsuccessfully brought yourself into God’s …

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In any relationship, we must allow God be the solid foundation upon which our relationship is built. If your foundation is based on God, then you are secured and it will all work out well just as it is said in the bible “Everything will work out well for those who know their God”. He is the re warder of …

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Article : Character Written By Olamide Babatunde

character by omaboneara

  It is a beautiful day and we trust you are having a blessed week already. This week we have decided to bring something different from the series of articles you have been reading from us. This week we shall be writing on the topic CHARACTER by an indigenous writer OMABONEARA.   CHARACTER – OLAMIDE BABATUNDE Character is said to …

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The Joy Of Growth – Nathaniel Bassey

Anything or anyone great, most likely started small. “Do not Despise these small beginnings” the Bible says.Zach 4:10. In fact be weary of big and grand things that cannot be traced down to their early and little beginnings. This is a major principle of life. This is so because the strength needed to withstand pressure and stand in the face …

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Do Nigerian Youths Really Have A Tomorrow? By Tijani Sheriffdeen

nigeria youths

In the country that we have today, nothing seems to amaze and bewilder critical thinking minds, except the fact that the hope of this nation getting it all right once again is as gloomy as gloomy itself. One begins to wonder if saying Nigeria wouldn’t get better isn’t an understatement. A whole lot has happened to Nigeria, were she to …

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VIEWPOINT: Is Big Brother Naija Raising Africa’s Stupid Index? Written by @Philasuquotes

My Thoughts on Big Brother Naija? I have heard and seen so many arguments about this reality TV show called Big Brother Naija. On one side, many condemn it with varying reasons while on the other, some say there is nothing wrong with it and even go on to call those who condemn it ‘hypocrites’. Thus, I will lend my …

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18 Things Strong Worship Leaders Do – Mark Cole

Strong worship leaders develop good attitudes and habits. They keep their heart, mind and spirit right before God and man. Check out these things that strong leaders don’t do, so you can grow and improve. 1. They don’t miss out on a daily time with God God is the reason for worship. He is the source of your success. Spending …

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#Article : My Early Start As A Rapper / Singer And A Life Lesson From It For Our Generation(S) | @PHILASUQUOTES

WRITTEN BY PHILIP ASUQUOTES ASUQUO Many people that know me today find it hard to picture me as a rapper. But yeah, I was a rapper and got on stage to rap in front of crowds and my last live show was in my 2nd year in the university at the Miss UNN pageant. It was my first time rapping …

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#News : Frank Edwards “The Hawker, From Grass To Grace” | @Frankrichboy

Frank Edwards shared series of pictures to depict when when was young and hawking in the midst of extreme financial incapabilities to achieve his desires. Much more about this story was in his song I No Fit Shout and how he came to limelight. This short picture story is a campaign to Frank Edwards forthcoming single 1 Name. Enjoy the …

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#Article : The Unknown Power of Dreams Part 3

The Unknown Power of Dreams Part 3

You Lose in the Dream, You Lose in Life! Researches show that 90 percent of spiritual attacks come through the dream. The medical world confirms that about 9 of every 10 sicknesses begin in the night. Before any evil occurs on earth it is first settled in the dream world The dream world is a real world. Things that happen …

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#Articles : The Unknown Power of Dreams Part 2

The Unknown Power of Dreams Part 2

Watch Out for ‘Fake’ Dreams Many husbands are dreaming everyday that their wives are witches while some wives see their husbands chasing them with guns in the dream every night. They think God is showing them their real spouses but it’s all lies. Satan has a mission of destroying their marriage Satan uses dreams to cause division and chase people …

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