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Ipere Evanx Emphasises On “6 Part-Time Jobs Upcoming Musicians Can Do To Earn A Living”

Ipere Evanx Emphasises On “6 Part-Time Jobs Upcoming Musicians Can Do To Earn A Living”                                                         The Gospel Music Minister and Mastereo “Ipere Evanx”, Emphasized On the Six (6)  Part-Time Job Musicians Can Do …

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#Article : Laws Of Relationship 3

laws of relationships 3 -

THE LAW OF OPENESS\ SINCERITY \ HONESTY There is danger in dishonesty  PROVERBS 28:13 Marriage is the only place where God expects us to be naked and not be ashamed. To be open, sincere, honest, plain,  and transparent without any form of hypocrisy, hidden agenda. Any relationship that is built on compromise will not last long. Many people have entered …

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Keeping the Evangel in Evangelism: Why Evangelicalism Can’t Abandon the Old, Old Story

KEEPING THE EVANGEL IN EVANGELISM: WHY EVANGELICALISM CAN’T ABANDON THE OLD, OLD STORY         The Great Commission stands at the center of Christianity as the command of the risen Lord Jesus Christ for his church to proclaim the name of God in the world for the sake of all nations and God’s glory among them. The church …

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“Open Letter To Christian Artistes” – Gamie

                    I know you feel discouraged, you feel people don’t know your worth and have taken you for granted. You started out wanting to make a difference with your gift but now you feel choked, burnout and exhausted. It seems you have nothing to show for the labour of love you …

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#Articles : Laws Of Relationship 2

Earlier in the day we talked about the laws of relationship Part 1 now let’s proceed to Part 2 . 2. THE LAW OF ACCESS Every relationship has rules both to enter and remain: It’s not everybody that comes our way that should have access to our life, for everyone that enters your life, have entered your future. Every relationship …

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#Articles : Laws Of Relationship 1

Let me begin by saying that your future is not secured by money or resources but relationship. Every relationship contains rules, these rules are unspoken, undocumented and it varies. There are different laws for different relationship, Parental laws of relationship will not work for marriage, your mother’s love may not be necessarily reciprocated but your spouse’s own must be reciprocated. …

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#Articles : Inject Hope into Your Leadership

inject hope in leadership

At The Global Leadership Summit, Sam Adeyemi shared, Vision is the ability to see people, places and things—not just the way they are, but the way they could be. Is it time to give your team a new injection of hope? Hope is the greatest gift we can give to the individuals we lead.   Hope: A feeling of expectation and …

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#iInspiRE : Conflict Is Good – Written By Maryam Otsokwa

conflict is good -

Conflict Is Good – Written By Maryam Otsokwa Conflict is good! What a stupid thing to say right? It is even an irony to think that. Conflict is like tension and goodness is like peace. Then how can anyone simply think conflict can mean peace or goodness while still appearing as chaos at the same time? Well, guess we have to find out. Conflict Can …

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#Article : The Relationship Between Ideas And Action

the relationship between ideas and action

Until you dive into implementing your ideas, it remains in your head. The fear of how it will work out keeps tormenting you.  You will always think that it is going to be hard and not easy. Well, the truth is nobody says it will be easy but I believe it will be worthwhile and who says it might not be easy …

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#Article : Invicible – Mide


  “We’re our own truth, no matter how lost we are in knowing what that really is”. O’Jerry wordsmith Sometimes the waters won’t always be calm And that doesn’t make the waves the enemy Few tides and storms makes the ocean what it is If only we realize that’s why we were not created with fins   We often find …

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(Article) : 9 Marks of a Healthy Worship Leader

So I wanted to pass along a few thoughts I’ve developed as I’ve prayed through what my church is undertaking in the coming weeks, and what your church may be going through right now. I’ve unoriginal titled them “Nine Marks of a Healthy Worship Leader.” After all, the title “worship leader” is nowhere in the New Testament. This fact tempts …

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(Article) : God Makes Everything Beautiful In His Time – Be Patient

God Makes Everything Beautiful In His Time – Be Patient

Winning souls? I am doing that. Living righteously? I am doing that. Paying my tithes and offerings? I am doing that. Praying every day? I am doing that. Reading and meditating on the Word? I am doing that…What is it that am not doing? Stephen asks himself. I have been living from hand to mouth ever since I graduated from …

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……The Dark Clouds – Mide

I bite myself down Just to know what it’s like to feel The pain, anger, guilt and hurt Few tears takes a long ride down on my cheeks Unclear why it rained down in the first place Paced by my own thoughts My mind tries to keep up Leaving my heart blank half the time Lost in the mirage i …

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(ARTICLES) : Being Good isn’t good Enough – Mide Akinola

Few minutes ago i saw a post ‘A real Man is Seen not Heard’ Then i remembered only few days ago i was thinking ‘What’s the difference between a Good man and a Real man’ For a while i held my thoughts Alot of images flashing through my mind So i concluded Atleast they have something in common ‘The Man’ …

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Shalom Saints, Because of the thought I need to communicate, I have used two words in inverted commas. That’s because The phrase HIT SONG is a term I shy away from, especially when it has to do with music ministry. And that’s because many times it creates a wrong impression and understanding of what music ministry is about. And besides, …

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