Thursday , 21 March 2019
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#Article : Invicible – Mide


  “We’re our own truth, no matter how lost we are in knowing what that really is”. O’Jerry wordsmith Sometimes the waters won’t always be calm And that doesn’t make the waves the enemy Few tides and storms makes the ocean what it is If only we realize that’s why we were not created with fins   We often find …

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……The Dark Clouds – Mide

I bite myself down Just to know what it’s like to feel The pain, anger, guilt and hurt Few tears takes a long ride down on my cheeks Unclear why it rained down in the first place Paced by my own thoughts My mind tries to keep up Leaving my heart blank half the time Lost in the mirage i …

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(ARTICLES) : Being Good isn’t good Enough – Mide Akinola

Few minutes ago i saw a post ‘A real Man is Seen not Heard’ Then i remembered only few days ago i was thinking ‘What’s the difference between a Good man and a Real man’ For a while i held my thoughts Alot of images flashing through my mind So i concluded Atleast they have something in common ‘The Man’ …

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Well, i really can’t tell why Just sometimes, i think that’s all the universe is about… An entity that exist in itself and inturn react with other molecules just to create other elements and reactions I realized that the world itself started off as one However the platform you wanna draw you rationale from The bible, Evolution theories, Science and …

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