4. FORCED TO MARRY

A lady who had been in a long relationship with a guy she loved so much and wanted to marry once thought she needed to retaliate against him for cheating on her.

She went in with another guy wanting to know how it feels to cheat. Unfortunately, she became pregnant and every effort to abort the pregnancy failed. To avoid shame, she had to marry the young man but had never hidden the fact that she has never loved the guy and therefore wasn’t enjoying her marriage

Sometimes, one wonders why even at the altar on the wedding day after the engagement and every other thing is done, the guests are seated and the bride is well adorned in her wedding gown, the priest or pastor still asks “Will you take this man…as your lovely wedded husband?”

This is because, your decision on who to marry should go beyond every reasonable doubt and must not be influenced by any unreasonable excuse; whether you’ve spent money or not. You must be a hundred percent sure that you really want to marry that individual. Marriage is a lifetime contract, you don’t sign out

What choice is a lady left with when she’s pregnant for a man she doesn’t love and all effort to abort it proves null (Abortion is murder and shouldn’t be encouraged)? Such a lady is forced to marry the man whether she loves her or not because she doesn’t want to face the shame of bearing a child ‘without a father.’

A lady/guy might be good enough for friendship but not marriage.

Anyone who is forced to marry the wrong person will suffer it for the rest of his/her life. Such a marriage would be endured and not enjoyed.

Even if it’s a long relationship, the individual can suddenly change and when that happens you’re free to walk away. Don’t let your wedding ring become your handcuffs

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