Home Articles #Articles : The Unknown Power of Dreams Part 2

#Articles : The Unknown Power of Dreams Part 2

The Unknown Power of Dreams Part 2

The Unknown Power of Dreams Part 2Watch Out for ‘Fake’ Dreams

Many husbands are dreaming everyday that their wives are witches while some wives see their husbands chasing them with guns in the dream every night. They think God is showing them their real spouses but it’s all lies. Satan has a mission of destroying their marriage

Satan uses dreams to cause division and chase people away from those who are meant to be blessings to their lives.

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Many have abandoned their parents because they see them pursuing them with cutlasses in the dream. Some even see their pastors and prophets sleeping with their wives, trying to rape them or trying to kill their children or doing something evil in the dream not knowing that Satan is just trying to isolate them from their anointing

When a young man or lady is praying for the right person to marry, one thing Satan would usually do is to keep showing him/her a picture of a wrong person. Sometimes he/she dreams that he/she is wedded to such a person or that both of them are living together as couples. It’s a lie; Satan is trying to confuse him/her

Many are biting their fingers and shedding tears today as a result of wrong marriage. But how did they find themselves in those marriages? Some of them actually prayed and fasted before marrying but simply failed to detect fake dreams.

Satan deceives through dreams, a lot! He would bring a very ugly picture of some opportunities that you should take that would make your life better. He could stop you from attending a job interview or an occasion that would bless your life by making you dream of a fatal accident the night before

Dreams are also used to cause fear and when there’s fear, faith goes away and the person becomes vulnerable to attack. A pregnant woman could be dreaming of operation or death. A parent could be dreaming of the death of a child. The intention is to create fear and weaken the person’s faith

You shouldn’t believe every dream. Make effort through prayers to discern which is from God and which is not. “Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God.” (1 John 4:1)

Is it normal not to dream? Why do people forget their dreams? In Part 3 of this piece you will find the answers and more

God bless you
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