Let me begin by saying that your future is not secured by money or resources but relationship. Every relationship contains rules, these rules are unspoken, undocumented and it varies.

There are different laws for different relationship, Parental laws of relationship will not work for marriage, your mother’s love may not be necessarily reciprocated but your spouse’s own must be reciprocated.

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Business relationship laws will not be required in friendship laws, the laws must be discerned, respected and honored for the relationship to have impartation, longevity or the strength to withstand the seasons of adversity for it will come.

Your success in life depends on your relationships completely, for relationship is everything; you are four people away to the person who will connect you to your destiny in life. Those closest to you will determine the outcome of your life, the single most important factor defining your future is the relationship you embrace.

Your life is built on relationships, Relationship are like buttons on the lift

Some will take you fast, and others take you down fast: Whether you know it or not every relationship is taking you somewhere. Relationship made you whom you are today.


Understanding them will help you discern the correct posture in any relationship; we shall be looking at marital relationship:


Anybody getting into relationship must have a reason for entering into it.

It must be defined and in levels

Some brothers have taken it upon themselves the CANOPY OR UMBRELLA ministry of standing on the fence to some sisters in the name of brotherly care. They operate like mafias and hinders such sisters from being exposed to a wholesome relationship that will bless them. Talk they will not talk, propose, they will not propose.

The basic reason people why people get into relationship is to avoid loneliness

There is no such thing as an accidental or neutral relationship, Every relationship either hinder your life or benefit it. (Amos 3:3)

Before you enter into any relationship with anybody you must ask yourself this one question” Can I walk in agreement with this individual”. Agreement on foundational issues such as values, beliefs, and ethical standards, Even though we all are believers, do we have the same belief?

Do we wear trousers in my own Church and they don’t make up in his own church, Can Deeper lifer marry an Embassy member? There are individuals who do not belong to your life, everyone that comes into your life should not automatically be your friend; Friendship is by choice not by force.

When choosing relationship partner, choose people who are pursuing change,   excellence, and growth as you are doing.

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