A recent report states that over 50% of fathers in Lagos are not the real fathers of their first born child. The main reason being that many of the women became pregnant before they were married.

Many firstborns are wayward because they are bearing the name of a wrong father and that becomes a curse on them.

If your girlfriend becomes pregnant in this part of the world, the only question you’d be asked is “did you sleep with her or not?” Once you say yes, you’re responsible, whether you used protection or not. But the reality is; sleeping with a lady doesn’t mean you’ve gotten her pregnant

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Someone once told me about a lady who slept with two of her boyfriends within the space of two days and became pregnant. She didn’t know which one was responsible between both men, in the end, she gave it to the one with the more promising future and both were married. That child may never enjoy his life. The marriage may also face serious afflictions because it is built on lies and betrayals.

Many men whose wives got pregnant before their wedding have doubts on their minds whether they are the true father of such children or not. It’s something that brings much problems into marriages. I guess you don’t want that

You want her to be pregnant before wedding, how sure are you that you’re the only one who sleeps with her? And you lady that wants to be pregnant before you marry him, how sure are you that he’ll really believe he’s the true father of your child?

If a man claims he wants to get you pregnant before your wedding, how sure are you that he’s not doing the same to another lady elsewhere? What if two of you become pregnant for him at once? Imagine the shame!

Don’t create unnecessary problems for your marriage; sex and pregnancy are worth waiting for.

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