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Article : 5 Decent Ways To Slay As Kings – Majekodunmi Kenny

Why is our appearance so important? Simply because the way we look says something about us. It often reflects to others what we really believe. Of course, our actions do this as well.

The clothes we wear do say something about us! They openly reveal our attitudes – toward ourselves (self-esteem), toward others (relationships), toward our work (its importance) and toward God (reverence or lack of reverence toward Him). Immodest clothing is a dead giveaway of a person with loose morals or someone who does not know God’s views. What we wear indicates the importance we attach to what we are doing.

After conducting hundreds of studies, experiments and tests over a period of years, Mr. Molloy concluded that what a person wears is directly related to the success he will have in life. Of clothing in general, he concludes: “We all wear uniforms and our uniforms are clear and distinct signs of class. We react to them accordingly

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Every Christian lives in a “window” before the world and is responsible to properly represent the principles set forth in the Scriptures. This is true for all men and women regardless of their age.

Here are 5 Decent Ways to Show Up to Church every Sunday (For Men):

  • Wear a Pocket Square and Tie:

You’re old enough to be paying attention to details, and you should have one of these in the breast pocket any time you wear a jacket.
The tie is a symbol of respectability and responsibility; it communicates to other people who you are, or reinforces or detracts from their conception of who you should be”. Wear a tie and most importantly knot your tie very well and sharp.

  • Wear Shoes that make a statement:

In the business world, the first place a prospective employer will look out for in your appearance are your shoes. Brogues, saddle shoes, oxford shoes, chukka boots, or whatever other interesting options catch your eye. Wear your best shoes to church, if you can wear them to impress your employer or a female colleague, how much more to God. As a matter of fact the bible says happy are the feet’s of those who are shod in the gospel. God likewise is looking at your feet, whenever you come to worship at his feet. So where a shoe that catches his eyes.

  • Good belts and a good wristwatch:

If you’re not wearing a watch at this age you look a little careless. Wear belts that matches with the colour of your shoes, it shows how mature and classy you are. Wearing trousers with belt loops and no belt just look sloppy. If you’re the type that goes to church without wearing a “functioning” wristwatch you need to check if you’re really serious in your walk with God. The God whom we serve is a God of “times” and season, He makes everything beautiful in His “time”. If God is passionately conscious about time, you also need to be conscious of it too. God may not wear a physical wristwatch, but then He expects us to be timely and keep to time.

  • Wear only Clothes that “Fits”

Don’t kid around with the fit of your Church clothes. Get them tailored specifically to you, always, and be honest about the measurements. Counting on losing those ten pounds next month is just kidding yourself. When you do lose the weight, you can have the clothes adjusted.
In the business world, the fit of your clothes is a major sign of success (or failure). Someone in a slumped suit, or a sports jacket that’s too short for his arms, is someone who looks like he can’t afford or doesn’t care to look better. Neither one is going to inspire much confidence in your friends and peers.
You’re better off owning less clothes that fit better than a lot of clothes that fit okay.

  • Wear a decent hairstyle (Don’t wear long hairstyles):

Although styles come and go, in general, men usually have shorter hair than women and women usually have longer hair than men. In the United States in the 1960s many young men began wearing their hair long as a symbol of their rebellion against authority (something God hates, see 1 Samuel 15:23 and Romans 13:1).
Maintain a decent hairstyle, don’t keep a shabby, tinted or dyed hairstyle. If the punk cut is your style, ensure it’s looking punky not dreadful. Don’t wear a face cap to church or a hat. As men, we are not meant to cover our head, it only applies to women.
Cheers to a godly decent appearance.

In Conclusion:
What you wear can reflect where you are spiritually.
Only wearing your best clothes can lead to a long list of other legalistic behaviors as you try to earn God’s love rather than receive his love freely. However, everyone in your church is in a different spot spiritually. Wearing ripped jeans or t-shirts with an offensive idea on it may be a stumbling block to them.

Romans 14:13 states, “Therefore let us not pass judgment on one another any longer, but rather decide never to put a stumbling block or hindrance in the way of a brother.”

Also, we are told that not everything is beneficial, even though we are able to do it. I may be allowed to wear clothes that express my personal style, but it may cause my brother or sister in Christ to stumble in the long term. If what I do may cause my brother or sister to stumble in their walk, it is best I don’t wear it at all.

Although clothes don’t indicate our spiritual fervor or maturity, they do leave an impression, not only to ourselves but also to each other. Ask yourself how you treat others who are dressed differently than you. Consider also how dressing yourself is an opportunity for expression, as well as honoring yourself, honoring others, and honoring God.

Written and Compiled by:
Majekodunmi Kenny.

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