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5 Tips For Maintaining Long-Distance Relationships

5 Tips To Maintaining Long-Distance Relationships

Practicing these 5 Tips Maintaining Long-Distance Relationships would help in building a more solid relationship with your partner even when you are far apart from your partner.

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken the world by surprise in its scale and speed of spread. Cities, schools, markets, churches and so on have shut down around the world and in affected cities that are still functioning, a lot of restrictions have been placed on travel, commute and social gatherings.

This may suddenly turn your recently physical relationship into a long-distance one even if you live in the same town. Maintaining a sense of connectedness can be difficult when you are meant to be practicing social distancing, but add a pandemic into the mix, and things can become much more challenging.

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  • Build true intimacy: through the simple acronym “HOT” which stands for Honesty, Openness, and Trust. Please note that intimacy does not start and stop at sex. In fact, for those whose relationship has purely been physical, this is an excellent opportunity to build true friendship with your significant other.

For one thing, commit to being faithful during this time. Being far away and knowing that your mate can’t stumble on an incriminating message or activity doesn’t mean you should mess around. Be open and accountable. Be a person that keeps his or her word. Remember that the true test of your integrity is who you are when no one is watching. Be the partner you want your partner to be.

  • Resolve past issues or concerns: Are there things that you have swept under the carpet? Some nutty issues that are unresolved? This is a good time to have crucial conversations. Not to fight but to take your time and address issues calmly.

Remember that a solid relationship is not one devoid of conflict but it is one in which issues can be resolved amicably. If you are in a relationship where there is no conflict or difference in opinion at all, something may be amiss because no 2 humans will agree on everything. If there is no conflict at all, it means there’s also no honesty.

Ignoring anger, sadness, fear and other emotions by sweeping them under the carpet does not help. It will weigh the relationship down and it will implode. Now that there’s some distance, wisely and calmly broach some topics and try to resolve them.

  • Do some strategic visioning: It’s a great time to put your future into perspective. What are your 6-month, one-year or even five-year goals? Having a vision for the future will keep you both excited and you can work towards it as much as you can right now.

Do you have couple goals? What of the plans for your children? If you are single, when do you plan to get married? Talk about parenting, can you agree on a model to raise your children together?

Visualizing the future will strengthen your relationship if you both can see yourselves growing together, raising children and doing life as one. It will be much easier to then take steps in this direction.

  • Challenge one another: Spirit, soul, body. You can do a bible challenge, exercise challenge, skill acquisition challenge, prayer challenge, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Some spouses rarely pray together. This is a good opportunity to start that habit. If you’re dating, this is a good time to challenge each other in some deeper things. Spouses – you know that it takes a lot more than romance or physical attraction to keep a relationship alive. You must be able to stimulate and challenge each other in different areas of your lives. So seize the moment.

  • Build Romance. Yes! This is the time to get creative and build romance. Leverage technology to create new experiences. You may not be able to go to the movies together but you can have a Netflix movie date.

The truth is that you can still date your spouse or significant other where you are. You can spend quality time with him or her and even build lasting habits that you will be thankful for in the long wrong.

While nobody wants this covid-19 pandemic to continue, don’t let your relationship be derailed by it. Keep pressing forward and look forward to the time you will reunite physically with your loved one. This too shall pass!



5 Tips To Maintaining Long-Distance Relationships

Written By Pastor Godman Akinlabi

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Compiled By Prince Oluwatosin


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