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#247Gvibes Article:7 AMAZING POWERS OF A GOSPEL MUSIC 3 by Williams Thomas


We don’t include praise and worship in some of our meetings especially Bible studies and prayer meetings because we’re simply ignorant of what it means
Why do we usually begin our services with praise and worship? Why did the Psalmist say “I will enter His gate with thanksgiving and His court with praise?” Why ENTER WITH PRAISE? Why not later in the service?
The answer is simple; praise and worship release the anointing for service and ministration.
For every ministration, there is a specific anointing needed. There’s an anointing needed for preaching; for teaching; for prophecy etc. Songs usher in such anointing.
When we worship and praise God at the beginning of a service we are ushering in His presence and the anointing for service. Music prepares the right atmosphere for ministration.
When Ahab and Jehoshaphat needed Prophet Elisha to prophesy, Elisha knew he needed to be ushered into the atmosphere of prophecy by music and so asked that a musician be brought.
“But now bring me a musician.” And when the musician played, the hand of the Lord came upon him.” (2 Kings 3:15. ESV)
Why do you think the choir number is usually followed by the sermon? It is because the choir ministration is supposed to usher in the anointing for preaching or teaching or praying or prophecy.
Unfortunately, many choir aren’t aware of this, and so, the focus is usually on the melody of the song. In most cases, the songs do not even have anything to do with the sermon.
On the part of the preacher too, he isn’t expecting anything from the choir. He’s probably not even aware that he’s supposed to receive the needed anointing at that point from the choir number. That’s why many sermons are dry and uninspiring.
I have also been in services where the time allotted for praise and worship is so short that no connection is made to heaven by the time the worship session is over. The pastor probably see it as a mere tradition to sing and so he’s not expecting anything

Pastor Adeboye of RCCG has the culture of being ushered in by Kunle Ajayi (hope am correct with the name); the renowned saxophonist. Why does he do that? Do you think he’s just being proud? No! “Baba” understands very well the power of music in ushering in the anointing to minister.

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Now that you have a better idea of the connection between music and the anointing to minister, go ahead and make a difference!

God bless you!
@UVGM 2015

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