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The Transforming Power Of Music By Ipere Evanx

                                      The Transforming Power Of Music By Ipere Evanx

By Ipere Evanx

Music is a Divine Gift from the Most High, to transform the body, soul, and spirit daily. There are different reasons for which people listen to music. While some see it as a way of having fun others think it is therapeutic, but irrespective of your reason for listening to music, the truth remains that with good music you can scale through the hurdles of everyday life without even noticing you have been through so much.

In most cases doctors and therapists usually recommend soft music for their patients. This is because with the effect of the music in the heart and entire being of a sick or depressed person, there will be rekindling of optimism for living, joy of existence and happiness in the mind of such person hence; rapid recovery.

Aside from the fact that music can help patients recover fast from sickness or depression, it also plays a major role in one’s day to day activities.  This is because it has a way of influencing the human mind to overcome life’s challenges and unveil opportunities that are embedded in such challenges.

Whatever you’re going through today I implore you to take advantage of the great tones that God has made available to humanity through the amazing song writers in Nigeria and beyond.

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About ipereevanx

Ipere Evans Afamefuna Popularly Known as Ipere Evanx is a Quintessential Nigerian Gospel Artiste and Songwriter. He has a Burning Desire for a Deeper and daily Intimate Fellowship with the Holy Spirit and has endeavored to Infuse this Passion into his Music and Writings. He also believes that There is so much God cannot do upon the earth except we grant him access and yield to him in the place of prayers, for the degree to which we are in control upon the earth is the degree to which God is control upon the earth..

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