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……The Dark Clouds – Mide

I bite myself down

Just to know what it’s like to feel

The pain, anger, guilt and hurt

Few tears takes a long ride down on my cheeks

Unclear why it rained down in the first place

Paced by my own thoughts

My mind tries to keep up

Leaving my heart blank half the time

Lost in the mirage i created myself

Now i wander in a world too far away

Sad, grief and regrets tops the emotional crisis

Though it’s bright outside my window

I sure can’t see anything in this shadows

I guess we all have a breaking point

Times when our strength only allows our weakness

And our bravery deluded by fear

Of many things than courage could handle

Of many doubts than our Faith could stand

This is my breaking point

Now these seconds seems like forever

Wondering how long this might take

Lonely, scared and these tears won’t stop

Looking through the window now that it’s dark

I even tried to smile

Like a flash it lasted only at the thought

And now hopes seems too far to reach

Closed my eyes trying to remember

To remember all of the reasons i had

And those i was too scared to admit

Then i realized

I was never even responsible for them at first

Well for the life i lived, yes

For the choices i made, yes

For those i couldn’t dare make, yes me

But how my life had turned out, No

how i still can feel this way, No

That despite my choices it could have still been worse

That I’m not the best but I’ve had my share of Happiness and sunshine, even when i didn’t deserve it

That I’ve had moments and times that only few seconds ago they were mere whispers and wishes

They were on a prayer list

Maybe on someone else’s

That despite my imperfections

I still walk with my heads up

Looking downs the tears hit the ground so hard

Looking back over everything

Now it’s more clear

I didn’t deserve any better

Still i was

I just had Faith and trusted my instincts

And most of all, I Had God.

That I love Him cos He Loves me More

That He Love me first

Now the smiles came rolling in

Despite the tears,

These thoughts warmed my heart

This Feeling

This Assurance

This Hope

A reminder that i will never have it all

Not because i don’t deserve them

But because i won’t need it

Cos all i needed was this Feeling

Knowing that I’m not alone in this

Smiles…..What better way explains ‘I have everything, because i have YOU’

Stay strong My friend

It’s just a dark cloud

‘For this too shall Pass’

#smiles….Just hang on Buddy

Written by Akinola ‘Mide.

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