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Well, i really can’t tell why
Just sometimes, i think that’s all the universe is about…
An entity that exist in itself and inturn react with other molecules just to create other elements and reactions

I realized that the world itself started off as one
However the platform you wanna draw you rationale from
The bible, Evolution theories, Science and Norms
They all describe the individual module of existence yet in its relative forms
And so are all the virtues that exist in nature
Love, Happiness, Faith, Peace and all of it
They react with other elements to create something new, something different.
Like when Love relates with doubt it creates fear
When innocence finds Judgement its creates Injustice
When pain lingers in loneliness it creates Sadness.

I once wrote that ‘Our lives are first what we make of it Before it becomes what we make from it’…
That’s why i understand that yes it’s always gonna be about you
About the Choices you make
That leads to those decisions you take
About The reasons you have that leads the actions you take

We will always tend to find fulfillment, happiness, drive, goals, and all of these things in few things or places or this time in someone
Cos we’ve lived to convinced ourselves that’s life.
And that’s alright

Like i always ‘we are our own thoughts’ anyways
So be who ever you wanna see yourself be regardless
Else Life will be meaningless despite having it all
Our fears and doubts are what makes us ‘careful’ and ‘instinct’
Living each day drawn to our shadows
So live with it.
Yes they can be overwhelming sometimes
Those corners that breeds everything we dread
But don’t let it run your life
The truth is
No matter how fast or far we run
Those shodows will still stick around.
They’ll always be
They are just part of who we are

This ‘Self’

So again, be the best of that ‘Self’
For your sake, cos in the end
That’s gonna be all that matters anyways
Cos in few years I’ll look back
Thinking, wondering, wishing,
That you did or didn’t do few things differently
And it’s fine
My point is when that time comes
I’d just rather not wish

A friend once told me
‘Mide we don’t burn bridges, we create it’
Well today i agree…#smiles
I’ll keep the brigdes
But this time with a Line.

Written by Mide.

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