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One on One with Same OG: How the Church Hit the Clubs w/ Punchlines/Lifelines || @its_sameog

As expected One on One with Same OG was indeed one of a kind! Hip Hop was redefined as the fast risingfemcee took the CHURCH to the CLUB and now the club is no longer the same, call it a CLURCH!(CLUB+CHURCH).

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The One Lady Army has proven yet again ‘One with God is Majority’ as she set the standard for live Hip Hop shows.

The music was sanctified, the audience were edified and of course, JESUS was glorified.

The event which went down last Saturday, 21st of April 2018 at Club Vegas, Ikeja, Lagos played host to a good number of celebrities and true lovers of Hip Hop.

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The ‘I Ball’ rapper blew expectations with straight BACK to BACK LIVE renditions of her songs accompanied by adope live band ensemble.
See official pictures from the event below:

Gasie Baba rocking the mic
Same OG w/ GAMiE
Same OG w/ VC Perez and fans
Videos and live audio coming soon!


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