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#DearGospelArtiste Help the Gospel Bloggers/ Media outfits ‘Gospel Media Association cries out loud’


“Who buys Nigerian Gospel Music online?”

Yay! It’s 2018 and we no longer hear such questions. Our artistes are no longer Doubting Thomases when it comes to distribution and monetization of their songs online. It’s like the standard thing to do these days and anybody who doesn’t have songs on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc is seen as not serious.

All thanks to our Online Gospel Music promoters (aka bloggers) for bringing this to reality. But guess who’s suffering the backlash effect of this digital revolution? The same bloggers that work day and night to expand the Gospel Music scene.

I’m sure you’re asking “How?”

“How can the agents of change be shortchanged?” One of the ways bloggers make money from their blog is Adsense, an advert network by Google. When artistes release their songs for free download, bloggers help by featuring it on their platforms.

The same artistes, through distribution companies, upload these same free songs on online sales platforms. This act, especially on exclusive terms makes the free download copies on blogs seem like a case of illegal distribution of content, in other words, piracy.

The matter is reported to Google, who flags and blocks such sites. That’s like punishing Peter’s denial for Judas’ betrayal, if it makes any sense.

So the confederation of Gospel Bloggers are running a #DearGospelArtiste campaign to address this.

Google Adsense is one of the major ways the blogger/Media house is able to generate revenue and keep the platform in operation but due to the changing policies of Google, the terms and conditions of Google Adsense keeps changing.

Recently a number of Bloggers/Media houses have been flagged by Google due to contents uploaded on their sites that Google considers as infringement on copyright.

These Contents were sent to the Blogger for Free Download but were also uploaded on sales portals such as Amazon, iTunes, etc for sale.

As a result, these contents were flagged on the blogger’s platform whereas the blogger observed due protocol in uploading the content.

If the Blogger keeps getting flagged for such content, Google will disqualify the blogger from its Adsense program, thereby resulting in loss of major revenue and money accrued overtime.

We are appealing on the Gospel artiste to

  1. Leave Free content as FREE everywhere so as not to be in contrast with the bloggers terms and condition as opposed to the sales portals and Google’s regulation.

  2. If the content is for sale, share the same portal for every platform

  3. If it is for sale and for free download, Kindly make the copyright level less stringent so it does not affect the blogger/media houses

  4. Help make the copyright level of previously released content which are for sale and free download less stringent.

GMA constantly advises members to always only put up for free download songs that are deemed so by the artist and to desist from putting for free download songs that the artist has deemed premium and for sale.

Thank You for your constant cooperation.

God bless you.


And by the way, I’m on both sides of the divide. 247gvibes is one of those online platforms and at the same time an Online Distribution Company.

So if you’d like to monetize your music on this platforms, holla at us 08103271948

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