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#Article : O Ye Smokers -Agboola Moyinoluwa | @emini_memo

O YE SMOKERS – Written By Memo

I prefer the Garri that I am soaking

To the rubbish that you’re smoking

The smoke that you’re puffing

Will soon make you start coughing

A short stick with a flame of death

That the makers gave the users a threat

That they’re liable to die young

But I don’t know how short or how long

Imagine I tell you that I seasoned your food with poison

And you still eat the food with joy rejoicing

This is my advice to you as a friend that is loving

So that your lungs and kidney will not be rotten

Bringing you down from something to nothing

And finally end you in the coffin

Break this habit before it breaks you and your heart

As a true friend, I have played my part

Quit smoking

I’m very serious, I’m not joking

Quit smoking

This advice is free not for a token

……. Written by Agboola Moyinoluwa

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