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4 Religious Ways To Start Your Day

4 Religious Ways to Start Your Day

There is no denying that religion has a significant impact on our daily lives and activities. The influence of religion is present everywhere, through culture and time as evident in the form of religious art, accessories, books, rituals, and traditions.

They say that how you start your day can greatly affect how the rest of your day goes. It is not surprising that many people choose to start their day religiously – it helps them prepare for the day ahead and to put the right perspective in their hearts and minds. There’s more than one way to start your day – here are four of them:

1.  Prayer

Prayer is probably the most common and most convenient way to kick-off the day. It can be as simple as just talking to God the moment you wake up and thanking Him, as well as asking for strength to carry on with the stressful day ahead. Prayer is not just a spiritual thing to do. It can positively impact you emotionally, mentally, and even physically. The deep sense of spiritual connection to God can uplift you and result in healthier well-being.

2.  Daily Verse

You can also look at a particular verse or passage in the Bible for encouragement and inspiration. A lot of apps in most smartphones also sends push notifications on the verse of the day, which is convenient if you are always on-the-go and have little time to scan the Bible for your daily reading.

3.  Daily Devotions

Most churches have snippets posted on their websites or social media pages. Some of these are short videos you can watch or podcasts you can listen to. It can be beneficial for you especially if you are going through something or in a state of dilemma. These videos or podcasts are usually just a few minutes long and created to provide daily inspiration or opportunities for reflection.

4.  Fasting

Fasting is when you commit to pray in lieu of doing something, especially eating your meal. But in today’s time, sometimes fasting comes in the form of staying away from social media or abstinence from sexual activity with your spouse. In doing fasting regarding food, it is best to consult a medical professional as well as your spiritual leader.

These are not the only options you have for a spiritual start to your day. You may choose to combine two or three of the above options such as praying and then reading a daily verse or praying and then listening to a short religious podcast. What matters is you are able to start your day in a way that prepares you for the day ahead and deepens your connection to God.

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