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The Unknown Power of Dreams Part 3

#Article : The Unknown Power of Dreams Part 3

The Unknown Power of Dreams Part 2

You Lose in the Dream, You Lose in Life!

Researches show that 90 percent of spiritual attacks come through the dream. The medical world confirms that about 9 of every 10 sicknesses begin in the night. Before any evil occurs on earth it is first settled in the dream world

The dream world is a real world. Things that happen in the dream are real. In fact, the dream world is more important than what we know as the real world because everything that happens here is first settled in the dream world

I have ministered to people who were either initiated into covens or shot arrows of sicknesses or death through the dream. A lady once confessed they initiated children by giving them eggs to eat in the dream

Spiritual husbands and wives have confessed they make love to their victims in the dream, impregnate them or get impregnated and they become mothers and fathers of spiritual children in the realm of darkness. Many of those on earth have spiritual children and houses in the spirit realm

Your dream is an expression of the situation of your life. When in your dreams you see masquerades, snakes or cows pursuing you it’s a picture of what your life is; a prey in the hands of spiritual forces

When you lose most of the time in the dream, you’re likely going to lose in life. When you’re asleep, your spirit becomes vulnerable, that’s why it’s the best time for Satan and his demons to attack

Sex in the dream usually is a sign of an association with a spiritual husband or wife. Eating, seeing dead people, being shot or killed in the dream are all signs that your life is either in shambles or a disaster is on the horizon

Some people either never dream or forget their dreams because Satan wipes it off. One who rarely dreams or forgets his dreams is spiritually blind; he’s cut off from his creator because God communicates with mankind through the dream more than any other means

Often when Spiritual husbands and wives mate with their human partners, they wipe off their memories such that they never remember such dreams. Some are either eating sacrifices or flying but think it’s a dream – that’s what Satan makes them think

Don’t jump out of bed immediately you wake from sleep, spend time thinking and praying on your dreams

How do you identify attacks through the dream? How do you deal with such attacks? Look out for Part 4

God bless you
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