Wednesday , 19 June 2019


In any relationship, we must allow God be the solid foundation upon which our relationship is built. If your foundation is based on God, then you are secured and it will all work out well just as it is said in the bible “Everything will work out well for those who know their God”. He is the re warder of those who diligently seek Him.


There are some basic things you must not base the love on. I will be talking about few of them below.


  1. You must not base your love on material things: It is now a common phenomenon which is hazardous to all relationship. We hear ladies say He doesn’t have a car, the other will say I can’t marry Him because he is not wealthy, he can’t take care of me etc.

All these must not be the criterial for choosing a partner in life.


  1. Your relationship must not be based on appearance: Yes, every guy or lady will love to be engaged to a beautiful or handsome lady or guy respectively but if you base your relationship on these things, you might end up not marrying the right guy or lady. Beauty fades and it is deceitful. You must make sure your relationship is based on Gods standard and His will.


  1. He buys me Gifts and expensive things every time: I must say that when a lady gets carried away with the level at which the guy lavish money on her, buys her expensive gifts etc. She tends to get married to the wrong man and this might lead to destroying her future and do not forget, if you miss it in the place of marriage, you have missed it in life. Be Cautious.


  1. He/ She is caring and a Christian: It is Jermaine and of great importance for you to find out his or her believe before you venture into the relationship. That he is a Christian does not mean He is saved or that he goes to church does not automatically depict that he is a true believer. Therefore, you must be certain of his religious status before you go ahead with a relationship. If your spouse is not a believer, the devil is automatically your father-in-law then you should be expectant of your father-in-law (The Devil) visitation.

If your relationship does not encourage you to study more of the scripture, boost your prayer life, acknowledge God, give you time for the things of God, If your relationship takes away your church time and takes priority over the things of God then you are far away from his plans for you. God should be the foundation of your relationship.


  1. Is he the will of God for you? That he heard the voice doesn’t mean God cannot speak to you also, that he saw the sign doesn’t automatically make him your spouse. This Is actually the most important thing when we talk about the right Him or Her. You must be very certain and convinced that he is the will of God for you.


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