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The gospel is ministry while the music is career “Wilson Joel” writes to gospel artists

He further writes in what he calls part 2 of the letter that

I am Sick and tired of consoling talented & anointed GOSPEL MUSIC ARTISTES (Artistes in General)

11. Dear Gospel Artist, you’re not meant to be a DRAG – MONEY & WISDOM IS A DEFENCE 👉Ecclesiastes 7:12

12. What you sing about must be evident in your own life. You don’t sing healing, success or JESUS and it’s not seen in your life 👉 Mark 16 : 17

13. Stop doing #FREE CONCERTS : Do you know how much people Pay to go watch HILLSONG or ELEVATION WORSHIP LIVE CONCERTS? Someone started it 👉 Deuteronomy 8 : 18

14. Stop giving out your #SONGS for FREE!!!! Your music producer may NOT drop their FEES because of that…. NAHHH QUALITY WORKS DON’T UNDERSTAND SENTIMENTS (By the way MIX & MASTER YOUR WORKS WELL) 👉Deuteronomy 8 :18

15. Learn to collaborate a bit more than trying to be Solo. No superstar stays SUPER forever, and this is even kingdom business abi?

16. The CHURCH is NOT your MARKET PLACE. The songs you render in church is for WORSHIP. You must find your market after THE #GRACE is shared!!!! The fourwalls of a building is not your market #Selah

17. Singing & adding #JESUS don’t mean you’ll become successful!!! You can’t Scam #GOD👉 Someone needs to sing about LOVE, JOY, LIFE & MORE from a Godly perspective. You’re struggling because you’re trying to be like others. That’s why I love TIMI DAKOLO #SELAH

18. Go yẹ into the world and preach the gospel, be innovative, be creative and be dynamic about it. MUSIC MAKES IT EASIER TO PREACH THIS GOSPEL 👉Mark 16 : 15

19. The CHURCH is not your problem,it’s how you present yourself. Are you burdening the church or A PLUS?

10. Put in hard work o! All the A-List Gospel artistes you see today have worked so hard. Nathaniel Bassey played real good Jazz, Sammie okposo owned the gigs in Lagos way back, I’ve served almost every ICON you hear of today

In conclusion,

What works in the market place is universal regardless of the sphere! Your music is both SPIRITUAL & COMMERCIAL, there are people who NEED it. Apply Wisdom

OK, I wish you all the best. Whether you’re an aspiring or established gospel music artist.



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