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#Article : The Unknown Power of Dreams Part 1 – Williams Thomas

The Unknown Power of Dreams Part 1
God is Sending You a Message Through that Dream
God would not tell you something except it’s very important. But how unfortunate it is when God is speaking to you and you don’t know it? Yet, only a very few are aware that their dreams are video clips from God through which He’s telling them something important
“It’s just a dream” as many would say. Although not all dreams are messages from God (Ecc 5:3), dreams are basically avenues through which God make “video calls’ with us
God said “If there is a prophet among you…I speak with him in a dream.”
(Numbers 12:6). Think about this: why did God create sleep? Why did He create dreams? He created them so He could communicate with us.
God spoke to our fathers in the Bible through dreams; beginning with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Joseph was told his future in the dream; Solomon’s wisdom was received in the dream; Joseph, Mary’s husband was told to accept Mary when she became pregnant and later to flee with the baby Jesus, through the dream. Imagine if these men never regarded dreams
Even gentiles like Pharaoh, Nebuchadnezzar, Dairus, Pharaoh’s Butler and Butcher all received important messages from God through dreams. God is speaking to you right now through your dreams
Fifty percent or more of God’s messages to you will likely come through dreams. Visions of dangers ahead; of opportunities coming; of the right man/woman to marry; of plans of Satan concerning those around you and your country etc will come to you through dreams
Take your dreams very seriously. Don’t easily discard them. Most dreams come in codes or in form of proverbs like we saw in the cases of Pharaoh and Nebuchadnezzar. God expect you to use your mind to interpret it. Like Daniel said “When I, Daniel, had seen the vision, I sought to understand it.” (Daniel 8:15). It is your duty to make efforts to understand your dreams
Why do some people forget their dreams? Does Satan also deceive through dreams? Watch out for the answer and more in Part 2
God bless you

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