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#Music: I’m A Survivor (Remix) ~ Uniekgrace [@Uniekgrace] || Cc @Gospogroove


One thing human race is capable of, is survival.

All through the ages, from generation to generation, man has witnessed adversity, natural disaster, war, slavery, genocide, atomic and nuclear bomb, Boko haram, holocaust, depression, recession… and the list goes on; yet humanity is still around.

A certain general army once said, “I came, I saw, I conquered!” Simply put, to overcome anything in life, you have to first, be present; then you must acknowledge it by deciding what to do with it; then execute your glory plan. To break it down again, you have to see the obstacle, and see yourself on top of it, conquering! In all, you have to make up your mind to survive whatever force it throws at you.

Uniekgrace is saying “I’M A SURVIVOR” in the remix of this high energy dance song that fuses European sounds with African rhythm.

“From a personal reason for the song: I have once been a victim of abuse. This is written for and dedicated to you who has been abused verbally, physically or sexually, taken advantage of, raped, misused, overlooked, maltreated, ganged up on, and other compromised situations you may have found yourself. You survived!

Now you must conquer. Let the inner strength that brought you through see you rise.” – Uniekgrace.

Her message encourages us to SURVIVE in order to CONQUER. Your chances to conquer are higher if you make up your mind to survive the games life throws at you!



It is also available for download on all online distribution channels like iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud and the likes.


“I’m a Survivor” (Remix) By Uniekgrace

I come I conquer all, I conquer conquer all (x4)
I been living life, emi o fe wahala
This world they tried to put sand for my matter
Sugbon I no dey move without my sword and shield
Cause I know my foes dey look dey go, dey lurking
He came too many times
Told me am nobody (but I say) (eh eh eh)
Told me I no go reach where I set my eyes on (but I say)

I’m a survivor (x3)
I come and I conquer all
I come I conquer all, I come I conquer all (x3)
I come I conquer, I come I conquer

Don’t you get me wrong
I got my days of storms
When I thought wipe I no go breathe again
I had no money (no money no life), o tu le lati jeun (o le koko oh)
I called on baba God, so that I’ll rest on him
Ota tu hale, told me I would rot of shame
But I say eh eh eh
Told me I no go breathe, I no go make yanga
But I say

I’m a survivor( x3)
I come and I conquer all
I come I conquer all, I come I conquer all (x3)
I come I conquer, I come I conquer

Aloo o (aloo o) once upon a time (time time)
Lati igba, we don’t fight no common battle
But against the powers and the darkness of the world
Lati igba we gotta put on our armour
Ka le duro
Igbati ile ba ye, raise your head

I come and I conquer all
I come I conquer all, I come I conquer all (x3)
I come I conquer, I come I conquer.

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