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Tuesday , 19 February 2019
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p dir=”ltr”>THE DISCOVERY

Everything seen in our world today is a product of DISCOVERY. Nothing just happened or evolved on its own except it was first discovered by some groups or some people somewhere.


p dir=”ltr”>Life and all her treasures was founded on DISCOVERY, and the factory for discovery is the MIND.Every great inventions we see today were first imagined in the factory(MIND) before they became realities.
The wright brothers had to picture ( imagine) the flying of metal objects ( Aeroplane) in the air in their MINDS before it came to being,despite the fact that the Edinburgh society of Engineers said no metal objects could fly in the air.But,the power of Discovery broke the bounds.

What Am I To Discover?
The greatest tragedy is not death but a life without reason.
“You are not an accident on the earth, but you have been designed for something definite that would birth definite changes to your world. But until we DISCOVER our missions here on earth, our years would be counted to us as mere existence.


p dir=”ltr”>In CONCLUSION;
GOD has decided who you are to be,yours is to DISCOVER & DELIVER it to your world.
Remember that you’re a sojourner here on earth,so let your sojourn be with value and impact.


p dir=”ltr”>”A functionless mind is a futureless mind ”
What you don’t discover,you can never deliver”
“Nothing just happen except it is made to happen by some relevant forces”
“Discover God’s decided VISION for your life, deliver the MISSION of your VISION to your world and let positive TRANSFORMATION flood your GENERATION…

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