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Article : WAKE UP FROM YOUR SLUMBER, O JAMBITE! @uniqueswillot


I read a very sad story today about a Jambite who killed himself because he scored 159 and fell short of the cut off mark. What a tragedy!

In case you’re also a Jambite who wrote the last UTME but fell short of the cut off mark, and that has made you miserable and it feels like your world had just ended, may I tell you that you’re not thinking straight; you’re sleeping, you need to wake up.

Here is why you feel that way: first, you failed to realize that there’s time for everything. It’s possible your time hasn’t come and if you go to school ahead of your time, God’s grace wouldn’t accompany you.

Many were rusticated in their final year as a result of fake admission. Many dropped out while many died during our undergraduate and NYSC days especially during the 2011 post-election crises in North East Nigeria. God might just be keeping you away from a looming evil. Don’t blame God for keeping you

Second, you’re comparing yourself to others. That your mates made it and you didn’t doesn’t mean it’s over for you. Bill Gates says “when you compare yourself to others, you’re insulting yourself.” Stop insulting your destiny. You’re unique; the script of your life is different from others. So, relax!

Third, you’re jealous. Some people are just so jealous and boastful that they can’t just watch those who are their juniors or mates succeed or do better than them. If you’re not jealous, it won’t bother you

Fourth, you care too much about what others say about you. Many who commit suicide do it due to shame. Why do you care so much about what others say about you? Do you think you can please everyone? Wake up!

I waited for 5years after my SSCE before I got admitted to the University yet, I believe the time I went to school was the best I could have gone. I can’t forget the beautiful moments and wonderful people I met.

There are no desperate situations, only desperate people. You are not in a desperate situation, you’re just being desperate for nothing. I counsel you like a brother/sister, please calm down, prepare well next time and your time will come.


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