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#Article : The Church choir, A breeding ground  for worldly musician . Why? 


The church choir has become a training ground for potential worldly musicians whom satan use to corrupt the world with their music. Many are falling out through Project Fame and other platforms. Once you win such competitions, you’re linked with worldly superstars and there’s no going back

The scripture says “How much worse punishment, do you think, will be deserved by the one who has trampled underfoot the Son of God, and has profaned the blood of the covenant by which he was sanctified, and has outraged the Spirit of grace?” (Hebrews 10:29)

It is sad that many of today’s wordly musicians started in the church choir. But it is better not to have known Christ at all than to know him and go back to the world because of the money and fame it offers. The punishment for such act would be great. We need to do something because Satan seems to be using these antics on our youths

Here are the causes:

1) LACK OF CLEAR VISION: many of these singers right from the beginning lack vision. The moment you begin to discover that you have talent in singing, you should decide whether it is Jesus you want to sing for, yourself or the world. But when someone just wants to use his/her talents, make money and fame at all cost, then there’s a problem. He would do anything. Trust satan, he’ll bring the offers 
2) NO PLATFORM TO GROW: music is the heart of God, but the state of music in many churches is terrible. For me, I’ll rather hold my services under a canopy with powerful musical instruments and professional instrumentalists, than have a cathedral without good instruments. Many talents are killed and buried because they have no platform to practise and grow. Some church leaders are so strict and unyielding that these young talents have no choice but look for platforms out there

3) LACK OF APPRECIATION: I know a lot of churches where the only thing they do is criticise their choir. The choir are worldly, they don’t dress or sing well, they don’t come for mid week services, they are not spiritual. They never see anything good in them. My advice to such leaders is to disband the choir if they feel they are not meeting up instead of crucifying them every time. The world appreciates them and that’s why the world is taking them away. Many of those who complain don’t even send their choir for training. You can’t give what you don’t have

4) LACK OF FOCUS: many of these church singers still have the likes of Dbanj, MI, Akon as their role model. When you’re a gospel singer but takes a worldly musician as a role model, then you’re confused. You’d end up like him. Some would say, they just like their voice or dressing or brand of music and so, can’t do but buy their albums and listen to them. You’re what you listen to. You’re being unequally yoked with unbelievers

5) LACK OF SUPPORT: many churches are capable of having their own version of Project Fame at least at the state or national level, where they can give even more than the N5million and a jeep that MTN is giving to winners. But no one seems to care. All they care about is 10,000 Mass Choir during their programmes. Many who made attempts to record their personal albums face serious persecutions because they are regarded as being rebellious. They ought not to become a star but keep singing in the church choir forever

When a fellow comes for financial assistance in order to record his songs, they see him as one who has lost focus of his career. If he eventually, records it, they won’t show up for the launching nor invite him as guest musician at their ceremonies. If his CD is N200, they still wouldn’t buy. And if they invite him for any special program, no honorarium. The best he gets is a handshake and “God bless you bro.” Whereas, satan has so organised the world in such a way that it’s not just waiting to give him millions but take him on a tour of Europe and America and make him a superstar

It is evil for anyone who started out with Christ to end up with the world. Let us do everything we can to keep ourselves and others around us within the fold. What would be your gain if you get all the fame and money but lose your soul? You will not lose your place in heaven

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