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Article : JESUS OR VISA 


I saw on TV yesterday the picture of a 55 year old woman and his 23 year old son. Guess what? They are in love. The woman is already pregnant for her son (her husband is dead) and both of them will be getting married soon. What a crazy world we are!
Nike were reported this morning to have withdrawn their sponsorship of the Philippine boxer ‘The Pacman’ because he said “homosexuals are worse than animals.”
This is basically because America supports homosexuality and Nike is an American company. Some people have blamed the Pacman for making such a statement but I don’t understand why a born again Christian like ‘the Pacman’ wouldn’t stand up to condemn homosexuality.
Here is the point, the world has gotten to a stage where the condition for getting access to the good things of life would be to publicly deny Jesus and declare one’s support for satan.
There would be party arenas you can’t enter except you have a particular tattoo or haircut or swallow a particular pill; there would be certain University admissions or jobs you can’t secure except you belong to a particular group.
Many believers are fallen already as many have fallen through fashion, music, career and the quest for fame. Many more are still going to deny the faith.
Brethren, it is time to put our priorities right – heaven and not earthly things because happenings around us have shown that the condition for enjoying those things would soon be ‘deny Jesus and get this for free.’
The time is almost here whereby whenever you go to a certain country’s embassy to obtain visa the first question you would be asked is ‘do you support homosexuality or not?’ 
This is where many believers including pastors will fail because they want to ‘travel out’ at all cost. They would deny Jesus secretly hoping to repent later but satan isn’t a fool, he’ll quickly take their souls before they have any chance of repentance. I encourage you to choose Jesus
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