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#Article : Every Body Has A Switch Button @swillotconcepts 


What would you call someone who in an attempt to switch on a phone smashes it on the ground or beats it with a stick when he should have simply pressed the switch button? An idiot or a Bush Man?

Do you know that this is what many us do? We want to force people around us to do what we want instead of simply pressing their switch button

The best in a man cannot be released by threats or coercion. It has to come from the depth of the person’s heart. If not, you can’t have his best even if he does it. Just like a man who’s foolish enough to rape a woman can’t have the best of her. You can force a horse to a stream but you can’t force it to drink water

If you want the best from people around you in your circular job, family or church? You need to find what and where there switch buttons are. There’s something that interests them; something that motivates and drives them. Find it and leverage on it and you’d be surprised how well they’d cooperate with you

I saw an amazing video of a pastor who persuaded his members into eating fresh grass. Another made his members to lie on the ground, while he stood on them to preach. Many people only criticise these men but fail to look at the positive side

These men found the switch buttons of their members and simply pressed it and it worked. After all, they didn’t force them. If you are able to find the switch of anyone, you can make him do anything without forcing him, even the most idiotic things. 

When a pastor keeps lambasting his members thinking they would change, he’s lying. Watch those who lambaste, they have no successes because you can’t force people to serve God. When you claim they are not serving you but God, then it’s not your business if they refuse to serve their God

Study every great man in history: Julius Caesar of Rome, Adult Hitler of Germany, Martin Luther King Jr of the US, Gandhi of India, Nelson Mandela of South Africa and you’d see that these men won the souls of millions by locating their switch buttons

Instead of threatening, coercing and lambasting your wife, children, followers, subordinates and members, find their switch button; pray, ask the Holy Spirit; get into their control panel; find what drives them; build an intimate relationship with them; let them know you truly care about them, not just their services in church or at work. You’d be surprised how they would be ready to die for the course and you. Try it, it works!

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