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Article : 7 Evils of Pregnancy Before Marriage 


Have heard many say it’s the best thing to do and I took my time on a fateful day to ask why , It gives you the assurance that your Spouse is fruitful ? 


Being pregnant before your wedding is one of the worse foundations anyone can build for his/her marriage. God is the author of marriage and any marriage that is not built on His principles cannot stand.

Jesus told Paul “it is difficult for you to kick against thorns.” You wouldn’t kick against a coal of fire because you know it would burn you. Getting pregnant before you’re joined to a man is kicking your feet on God’s face. You don’t want to imagine the consequences.

It is sad that even Christians today are involved in this terrible sin. Some succeed in hiding it, while some simply avoid church wedding. Although, church or elaborate wedding is not compulsory.

God said it is an abomination to have sexual relations with anyone you’re not married to whether your parents support it or not. Any man who does that is said to have humbled the woman and so, is supposed to pay her dowry because he has married the woman before being married

Having sex with someone makes you ONE with such a person; spirit, soul and body. That’s why some churches don’t join a lady that’s pregnant to a man because Biblically, they are already married.

A child born under such circumstances is born outside wedlock which might become a curse on him. Your parents and fiance might be insisting but isn’t it better to obey God at any cost?

Do not marry before your wedding day. Such a marriage would be built on sin and God’s anger. Satan would be the landlord of such a marriage and it would be difficult for God to reign or intervene in a marriage that is built on sin.

If you’re thinking of getting pregnant or impregnate someone before your wedding day, I encourage you to change your mind. And if you’ve made such a mistake, plead for God’s mercy on you and your unborn children. God bless you!


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