One of the greatest honour you can give to your parents is to let them hand you over to the man you want to marry on in case of a man, let your wife’s parents hand her over to you out of their free will not under compulsion because she’s pregnant.

I have seen parents cry bitterly because their daughter became pregnant outside wedlock or their son impregnate a lady. Why do they cry?

One, a parent has just one chance on a child to pose as the mother/father of the bride/bridegroom. You need to be a parent to have an idea of that feeling. It’s such a great honour but many manage to deny their parents of that honour. Don’t let your children do same to you

Two, it’s a shame on a mother or father whose daughter came home pregnant without him/her having an idea or how or who is responsible. In the olden days, such girls are banished from the community. Such parents lose their integrity because the day they talk to another man’s child who is wayward is the day they would be reminded how they failed to train their own children. It’s an arrow shot straight at the heart

Three, many end up losing out on that powerful blessing that comes from the deepest part of a joyous father or mother’s belly when he/she is praying for a son/daughter who is getting married. Many are married without that blessing. Instead, some left in their parents’ anger while some parents even curse their children.

Lastly, parents lose bragging rights over their son/daughter. The parents might not want their son/daughter to marry such individual for some reasons but their hands are tied. 

In the end, he has no bragging right; the inlaws dictate to the extent that some end up not even paying the dowry. Even if the father does not get angry or curse the child, this alone can cause her serious problems in her marriage.
Sex and pregnancy are worth waiting for. 
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